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Alyssa Lechuga, Inside Sales Manager

Meet Alyssa Lechuga, Inside Sales Manager of Discount Dumpster

Career Highlights/Overview

Alyssa has worked in sales for the past 10+ years both as a sales representative as well as in management. She has worked in a variety of industries, the orthotic and prosthetic industry, real estate industry, and construction industry.

With a background in process improvement, business development and management, Alyssa has worked with many businesses to expand their product base, grow revenue through sales, and train incoming staff to uphold the values the company represents while providing a high level of service. She also coached cheerleading and dance at Regis University in Denver, Colorado for over 5 years.

Alyssa started her professional journey in sales for an Orthotic and Prosthetic trade publication, generating revenue through advertising sales both in print and digital formats. In 2020, Alyssa became the sales manager for a new branch of a mortgage agency to lead the charge in starting a new program. During that time, she grew the team from 2 salespeople to 10 salespeople by recruiting and training each team member while still leading the team in sales.

Now, Alyssa is the Sales Manager for Discount Dumpster and is working hard to elevate the customer’s experience when working with discount dumpster, and expanding the reach we have to serve more customers nationwide.

Fun Facts

In Alyssa’s down time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs, a mini Australian Shepherd named Hades, and a Dogo Argentino named Athena. One of her passions is traveling the world.

Her goal is to travel to a new country every year. She enjoys immersing herself in new cultures and making new memories. She also enjoys archery, and exploring Colorado in her ATV.

An image of Alyssa Lechuga, Sales Manager of Discount Dumpster
Alyssa Lechuga, Inside Sales Manager of Discount Dumpster
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