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Cody Herbert, Operations Manager

Meet Cody Herbert, Operations Manager of Discount Dumpster

Career Highlights/Overview

Cody has been a member of the Discount Dumpster team since 2020. He began his journey starting in sales, then quickly moved into operations, ultimately becoming the company’s Operations Manager in 2021.

Cody has held things down as Operations Manager ever since and has worked tirelessly to improve logistics and provide expert support to both customers and the sales team. Essentially, he is in charge of making sure all orders get delivered when and where they are supposed to.


I’m a day 1 garbage man as my family has owned a garbage company in my small hometown of Caribou, ME since 1942. I grew up working for my dad doing residential garbage removal as well as roll-off dumpsters. As I got older I got more involved with my mom who takes care of all the books and billing side of things.


True education wise I have a business degree from the University of Maine, but my real education in the dumpster world came from working for the family business and my almost 3 years with Discount Dumpster.

In the last 3 years here we have added many new markets and haulers and I have learned more and more about the garbage world from seeing the similarities and differences in roll-off dumpsters and landfill rules across the U.S.

Fun Facts

I moved to Denver in 2020 chasing my now wife, so I guess you could say it worked out pretty well. We have a 1 1/2 year old chocolate lab named Chip who honestly feels like our child lol. We love to take him to the dog park and on walks around our neighborhood, trying to stop him from eating everything in sight! In my off time I also love to get out and golf with friends and enjoy a couple cold adult beverages.

An image of Cody Herbert, Operations Manager of Discount Dumpster
Cody Herbert, Operations Manager of Discount Dumpster
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