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Maria Sofish, H.R. Specialist

Meet Maria Sofish, H.R. Specialist of Discount Dumpster

Career Highlights/Overview

Maria has been with the company for a cumulative period of 2 years. She started as an operations intern in the summer of 2020. Upon completing her undergrad, Maria returned to work as an executive administrative assistant.

During this time, she helped bridge the gap between departments on important projects. Maria was recently promoted to Human Resources Administrator. She is currently responsible for recruiting, creating comprehensive training modules, and new employee onboarding.


Maria graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2021 where she obtained a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business Administration focused on Operations and Talent Management, with a minor in Spanish.

Fun Facts

Maria is originally from Pennsylvania, but her family has lived in Western Colorado for almost a decade. In her free time, Maria enjoys hiking, salsa dancing, shooting at the archery range, and listening to music. Her favorite musicians include Glass Animals, Florence + the Machine, and Remi Wolf. She loves spicy food, especially Thai cuisine!

An image of Maria Sofish, Human Resources Specialist for Discount Dumpster
Maria Sofish, H.R. Specialist of Discount Dumpster
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