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11 Tips to Make Moving Stress Free

11 Tips to Make Moving Stress Free

What To Do Before Moving Into A New Home

If you follow these tips they should pave the way for a well-prepared home owning experience and eliminate major and minor stresses of the whole moving process, leaving you as happy and satisfied as a homeowner can be.

1. Organization 101

First and foremost, you are going to want to keep your important documentation and paperwork in an organized filing system. Keeping that system as organized as possible with an accordion style binder or perhaps actual filing cabinet would work best. As you go through the process of getting your first home (or any home for that matter) you will acquire a substantial number of documents, receipts, emails and so forth. You want to be able to easily and quickly access these files for whatever purpose necessary. Make sure you have an electronic documentation filing system as well for important emails because we live in a world of electronic “paperwork”.

2. Packing Up For The Move

Just like your filing system for important documents, the more organized you are with packing from one home to move to the next the better. Grab some tape, markers and cardboard boxes. The more specific your labeling is the easier and less stressful the unpacking is. Making a packing list of the specific items in each box and taping it to the box will help make sure that all you wanted to bring you did in fact bring along. Rather than saying “Honey, did you see the tongs and spatula?”, you can say “Honey, where is the kitchenware box?”. You can then go check the list on the box labeled “Kitchenware” and what do you know, your spatulas and tongs are there inside.

3. Necessary Tools

This next tip is one that often gets overlooked because we are so focused on the big stuff in like the couches and dressers, but, as we get down to the smaller things like toaster that wont plug in to the outlet because it’s jammed or the pile of leaves stacked where we want the grill to go we suddenly realize we don’t have the tools we need to fix the problems. Make sure you have the basic tools to start out in your new home. Screw drivers and wrenches, rakes and shovels, gardening gloves and trash bags. Noticing these things bring me to Tip 4.

4. Small Updates Matter

As you go about settling in you will find things that you need to address. Broken light switch and the wasp’s nests by the back door. As you notice these things make a list so you don’t forget about them and keep running into frustration when you have to handle the situation time after time.

5. Finish What You Start

When you have made your comprehensive list of little home projects around the house choose one and do it. Don’t go back and forth between the projects because this will make you feel like you have more to do and will distract you from the task at hand. It is very important that you only take on what you can handle, which is one. Take care of the wasp nest first. When that is done move onto fixing the cover plate on the broken light switch. When that’s done go and trim your rose bushes that stick out onto the sidewalk. You get the gist.

Plan ahead when doing any type of digging in the yard. You can call a free locating service to be sure you don’t cut any power or water lines to avoid having to pay for repairs. If you are hanging things in the home be sure that you use a stud finder and proper hardware to hang whatever it may be. Your “Starry Night” replica painting would do best hanging to a properly secured screw inside of a stud if possible. If it just doesn’t play out that way, then use drywall screws with the proper weight bearing rating. Make sure that you drill, screw and nail cautiously to not damage any electrical or plumbing inside the walls.

6. Larger Projects To Consider

On the topic of projects we need to give you tips for the big ones. Whatever it may be like redoing the flooring, kitchen remodel or repainting the upstairs, be sure that you plan ahead of schedule and set aside time and money for the task. It is always best to assume that there will be something that doesn’t go to plan so your budget for the project needs to have a little bit of play room. If it turns out you don’t need it then you can put that money towards your savings.

 7. Prepare For The Unexpected

Savings are very important. You never know what situation may arise calling for action and financial support to address the endeavor. This is why a home savings account or home emergency fund account is a very good and safe idea to employ. There are certain things that homeowner’s insurance does not cover or may be not significant enough to file a claim with the insurance and it makes more sense to pay out-of-pocket. In those instances, it comes in very handy to have savings set aside specifically for your home and household needs.

Learning to identify potential problems in and around your home will help to avoid these stressful situations so be sure to do your research and keep up on the required maintenance of your home. Pull weeds from cracks and then seal the cracks. Call an electrician to check out the sparking outlet. Check out the filter in the HVAC systems and change them when necessary. If you notice your ceiling paint bubbling up then you may have a water leak, which, if not taken care of right away could lead to a lot of damage to the household. Simple things like this can end up saving you big bucks in the long run.

8. New Residential Home Owner Must Know

In the case that you have a leak in the plumbing or a short circuit in the light switch, you need to know where your water shut off is and your breaker box. Understanding how to operate them is also essential. You should be able to identify a tripped breaker and know how to reset it or to turn off power completely to your breaker box to make electrical maintenance by a licensed professional safe. You also need to know “Righty Tighty” and “Lefty Loosey” so you can turn on or off your water supply for plumbing repair.

9. New Community Equals New Friends

After your move, making friends with your neighbors is always a good idea for many reasons. Primarily because you can never have too many friends and community is a wonderful thing. The reasons why community is a wonderful thing is because your community may be able to provide you with things you may not have and for nothing more than some pizza and drinks. Maybe your neighbors can lend you tools you don’t have but need or have experience in an area that you don’t and would love to help you out.

Building a community of willing helpers and friends makes life a lot more enjoyable and makes your neighborhood relationships much more pleasant. Always be willing to offer dinner and drinks when a neighbor lends a helping hand. They are more inclined to help on a regular basis and would likely be willing to do the same if they request your help as well.

10. Stay Warm and Cozy

If you notice the temperature dropping in the house as the weather cools but your heat is set to the proper temperature you may want to inspect the insulation in the attic. If the insulation is bad then it cannot do its job properly, which is to help regulate a desired temperature in your home. Another way to check if this is occurring is to keep track of your utility payments each month. If they seem through the roof then that could very well be the actual issue. Keeping your utility costs in your home filing system will help keep you on track with what to expect during the different seasons for the future and will alert you if something seems out of place or excessively high. The same goes for other utility costs as well.

11. Change The Locks: Stay Safe

If you have not done this right away when moving, then don’t wait any longer to change the locks and keys to all of your doors. You don’t want to keep the same lock because you never know how many keys there are for that lock and who has them. For safety and the sake of not coming home to a stranger sleeping on your couch who thought that the previous tenant still lived there and said, “you can crash on my couch whenever”, get your keys and locks synced up. One key that fits all of the locks is best so you don’t have to juggle a handful of keys. This is especially helpful in an emergency situation.

Say you have the tragic misfortune of needing to escape a house fire. If one or more accesses is blocked, then you don’t have time to fumble around for the right key to the right door. Having the same lock on every door with a copy of the key always inside the lock (on the inside of the home) will eliminate this potential hazard and will ease your mind. Don’t forget your spare key that you hide in a very secret place. You can look up all of the unique and creative ways that people have come up with for hidden key ideas on YouTube. Don’t share your secret information with anyone you don’t want to be alone in your home.

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