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How to Dispose of Car Parts

Last Updated: May 24, 2024

How to Dispose of Car Parts

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A car is built from many components that require regular servicing and maintenance. Many of these parts have a limited shelf-life, which means you have to replace them with new components from time to time. But what do you do with the old car parts, such as batteries, coolants, headlights or even the metal casing?

Piling them up in the garage isn’t an option, as you’ll quickly run out of space with each new repair. At the same time, several such components are hazardous and must never be tossed into the garbage bin or the weekly trash pick-up.

By learning about the disposal methods of various car parts, you can take a call as to which items can be taken to recycling centers or salvage yards, sold to auto parts stores, or sent off to a hazardous waste disposal facility.

Complications of Car Part Disposal

As cars get older, you may have to spend more and more on repairs or eventually buy a new car. Either way, chances are that you’ll have plenty of old car parts that you have no use of, or even an old car that you need to sell off as scrap metal to make space for a new vehicle in your garage.

Since car parts are frequently hazardous, you cannot get rid of them in the regular way, which may cause some complications. The good news is 95% of end-of-life vehicles are recycled each year. Just because you can’t toss them into the garbage doesn’t mean you’re out of options. Depending on where you live and which used car parts you need to be rid of, you will usually have the following options available:

  • You can take certain car parts to a nearby recycling plant for recycling.
  • You can try selling or donating some old components to interested vendors on eBay or Craigslist.
  • You can return some used car parts to automobile stores; some of them may even have a “buy back” policy.
  • You can send off the prohibited items to a hazardous waste disposal facility.
  • You can take scrap metal or large metallic items to a local salvage yard.

How to Dispose of Car Parts

If you’re wondering about how to dispose of car parts, the first step is to identify and separate the car parts and then consider which of the above options are easily available to you. We have also prepared a list of common car parts and the usual ways to recycle or dispose off them:

An infographic detailing how to dispose of car pars
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1. Car Batteries

Though the lead in car batteries is very toxic, most car batteries can be rebuilt and reused. So, you can take the old batteries to an auto parts store.

2. Tires

Old tires can be easily reused at home to make swings, small tables or even a DIY planter for your favorite shrubs. However, if you really need to remove old tires from your home, you can take them to a tire shop or recycling plant.

3. Fluids

Automotive fluids are highly toxic and must be disposed off in a safe and secure manner. You can bring oil and oil filters to a nearby collection center. A local repair shop may also find new use for your car’s coolant. Other liquids such as transmission fluid or brake fluid can be taken to aut5.o parts stores but if they are not willing to accept them, you must bring them to a hazardous waste disposal facility.

4. Metal Components

All the metal parts of a car (such as doors, radiators, engine blocks, etc.) can be easily recycled so you can bring them to a salvage yard or contact metal scrap dealers.

5. Old Cars

Depending on the condition of the old car, you can probably sell it to a metal scrap dealer, or a vendor, or organization that buys junk/old cars for recycling. A quick search online should help you find interested parties.

6. Headlights

Headlights and bulbs may be disposed off in the regular trash, but do check in with your local municipal laws before doing so.

7. Core Parts

Other used core car parts, such as water pumps, brake calipers, alternators, A/C compressors may be brought to an auto parts shop, especially if you’ve bought the original car or parts from the same shop.

Proper Car Part Disposal is Necessary

Thus, though it appears complicated at first, disposing old car parts isn’t a huge hassle as long as you figure out where you can send them to. In some cases, you may make some extra bucks selling scrap metal or you might even get back on your original investment as plenty of automobile shops now have a “buy back” policy for core parts.

By choosing to recycle your car this way, you can do your part in minimizing waste and conserving the environment, as recycling ensures that less waste ends up in the already-clogged local landfills. Proper car part disposal is crucial in reducing waste production and keeping our planet habitable for future generations.

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