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Landscaping Ideas For Homeowners

Tips and Tricks For Your Landscaping Ideas

If you are wanting to add some style or change to your yard, then you probably have a landscaping project in your future. Before you tear your yard to pieces and it turns to chaos, a main question to answer is what function do you want your yard to have? If you have kids then you probably want open space for them to play and not a lot of breakable ornamental decorations. However, if you’re an empty nester a want a lovely place to sit and bird watch while you have coffee in the morning then a peaceful place filled with lawn gnomes and light-up glass orbs may be what you want. Only you know your needs in a yard and your budget. So, here are some landscaping ideas ideas to allow you to start dreaming up your picture-perfect yard.

Backyard Water Features

If you want to add a peaceful element to the yard, then the perfect option is a water feature. Studies show that just the sound of running water makes people feel more at ease and seeing the water while listening to it decreases stress levels. If you want to step it up a notch and your climate allows it then you can make that water feature a koi pond with tranquil and brightly colored fish swimming around. This is a more complicated step to take when it comes to adding to your yard. It will require some plumbing expertise but the size and design of the water feature are up to you.

Water Feature for landscaping

Lawn Maintenance

Maybe it’s been while and all you really need is a good cleanup around the edges, pull the weeds, edge the walkway and to give some more shape to the hedges and bushes. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. There are several shapes you can give to the vegetation, but round is becoming popular these days. Never underestimate the power of cleaning up and touching up your yard. These simple steps of basic maintenance can bring your dead old yard to new life.

Trimmed Hedges for landscaping

Garden Retaining Wall

You can get creative with your space as well and designate certain sections of the yard to certain things. You can build retaining walls into the steeper slopes in the yard to hold different sections of plants or other material like rock, wood chips or sand. Any combination of these in the sections would look great! With retaining walls you also have a plethora of options of material for the walls themselves. You can virtually use any type of stone or brick as long as long as it is structurally sound and up to code. Many times flagstone is a popular option because it’s easy to work with and has a great neutral color for any landscape.

Retaining wall for landscaping

Backyard Entertainment Space

For those of us who love having guests over or just enjoying drinks and dinner outside with the family while we BBQ, then a design with outdoor seating might be suitable. Whether you build a pergola to cover it or just set up a shade umbrella to help keep guests cool and furniture dry is up to your style preference and your budget. Again, your structure, whether it’s a deck or a pergola, must be up to code. For this landscaping idea make sure you keep in mind the insects. Wasps, Hornets and Yellow Jackets in particular. Getting wasp catchers would be a good idea for this set up.

Pergola with outdoor seating for landscaping

Where To Go From Here

These several examples of landscaping ideas are meant to start giving you an idea of what is options you have but is not exhaustive by any means. With how many things that can fit under the umbrella of landscaping means that there unlimited possibilities and combinations of landscaping ideas that you can implement. The only things that limit you would be the size and shape of your yard, your budget and then laws and legal codes in your area on how certain things must be built.


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