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Learn the History of Denver, Colorado

Last Updated: August 27, 2022

Learn the History of Denver, Colorado

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The Things You Will Learn About Denver

The History of Denver, Colorado

Denver is located in Denver County, CO, and is full of rich history. Discount Dumpster loves servicing Denver and all of its neighborhoods in part due to the unique history of the city.

Denver was founded in 1858, named after Kansas Territory Governor James W. Denver. Interesting to note, the new city was named after James Denver in order to curie political favor from his administration. However, unbeknownst to Denver's founders, James Denver resigned his post as the city was named. Worth a try though, right?

Discount Dumpster proudly serves dumpster rentals across Denver, ready to tackle any project in any neighborhood!

Fun Facts about Denver:

  • Denver was named after James W. Denver, former Governor of the Kansas Territory
  • The nickname "Mile-High City" comes from Denver being elevated 1 mile above sea level
  • Denver is both the most populated city and the State Capital of Colorado
Photo of Union Station in Denver
By Darkshark0159 at English Wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Sreejithk2000 using CommonsHelper., Public Domain,

Legacy of the Gold Rush

Denver's founding is tied directly to the Pike's Peak Gold Rush. The 1850s was a wild time for gold prospectors. Many may think of the 1849 Gold Rush in California, yet there were many gold rushes in this period and Colorado was a major epicenter.

Denver was originally founded as a mining camp by gold prospectors from Kansas, originally named Montana City. The original camp was later abandoned in 1859 in favor of a nearby camp at Auraria (now a modern neighborhood of Denver proper).

General William Larimer staked the original claim for Denver's location. Larimer's original claim site is located in what is now called Confluence Park, close to Downtown Denver. Denver remained a frontier settlement for many years. The State of Colorado was admitted to the Union in 1871, and Denver was made its acting capital in 1881 via a ballot measure.

Areas near Denver became a hub for the defense industry for quite some time. From 1953-1989, Rocky Flats Plant housed nuclear missiles (which actually made Denver a top-tier target for the Soviets during the Cold War). Today, Denver is an economic powerhouse in both agriculture and job growth.

Things to Do in Denver

There are a plethora of activities to do and sights to see in Denver. There are so many, it would be less than ideal to list them all here. Denver is a prime center of culture, eating, and festivities in Colorado. For one, Denver is surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains, giving residents a magnificent view every time they get around the city. The Red Rocks Amphitheater is a great place for concerts and events. Larimer Square and Union Station also host a myriad of festivals and events, including the unique Denver Chalk Art Festival!

Denver Chalk Art Festival

As you may have guessed, the Denver Chalk Art Festival is all about Chalk Art! This unique festival attracts artists from all over the country to participate in their best chalk art murals. No galleries involved here, all art will be beneath your feet! The festival takes place every year in September, just the right time where weather cools down just enough to enjoy being outside. The amazing aspect of this festival is onlookers can watch as artists craft a chalk masterpiece before their eyes, using only rough outlines to create their pieces.

Chalk art isn't the only thing to see at the festival, however. There is usually live music and concession stands, giving all participants a good mood boost while they enjoy the art being created around them

Photo of the Denver Chalk Art Fesitval
Photo by Marc Piscotti

Our Favorite Historical Place to Stay in Denver:

The Brown Palace Hotel is our absolute favorite place to stay in Denver. Located just off the 16th St Mall. The Brown Palace is renown for its rich Denver history and cool traditions like afternoon tea and the champagne cascade dinner.  The Brown Palace has hosted several US Presidents and even the Beatles. If you want to check it out before you stay, you can take a guided tour of the hotel guided by historian, Debra Faulkner. These are just a few of the many reasons we enjoy the Brown Palace as a historical landmark in Downtown Denver.

We're Proud to Be a Part of Keeping Denver, Colorado Clean

Discount Dumpster is proud to service the wonderful city of Denver, CO. We love Denver due to its vibrant culture and beautiful scenery. There's no other place on earth quite like the Front Range. It's great to be a part of the Denver life, and we strive to help keep our city clean for many more years to come!

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