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Top 5 Screened Porch Ideas on a Budget

Last Updated: May 28, 2024

Top 5 Screened Porch Ideas on a Budget

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If you know anything about us, you know that we love the outdoors. Whether we’re getting work done or chillin’ out, maxin, and relaxin’ all cool. If we know anything about you (we don’t know hardly anything about you, we’re just guessing because you’re reading this page), we know you love the outdoors too and that you’re thinking about building a screen porch.

Whether you’re working with pros or just trying to get some inspiration before you embark on your next DIY project, we’ve got some screened porch ideas for you!

Is a Screened Porch Even Worth It?

Of course it is! You probably asked yourself, “is a porch worth it?”, and you’ve heard a resounding “YES” from all your friends and family.

Screened porches are a great gathering space and a fantastic way to be outdoors on a lovely fall day without fighting the mosquitos and bugs that can get through an unscreened porch.

A front porch with a screen also offer an 84% return on investment on average throughout the US. Of course, warmer climates will see larger returns because they can be used for longer parts of the year, but adding useable square footage to your home is never a bad idea.

Creating your own enclosed screen porch is a big draw and can be easily done with window screens.

Top 5 Screened Porch Ideas

When you’ve got the opportunity to create a space that’s somewhat protected from the elements but still has a certain “wild” quality about it, you can’t squander it with lackluster decorations and furniture.

Read on to learn about our top 5 screened porch ideas!

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1. Keep it Simple

When you’re redoing an outdoor space, one possibility is to go rustic and simple. You can keep the wood frames exposed and just sand down the edges for a smoother feel.

You’ll give the feeling of a Minnesota cabin getaway while being right at home.

Get some warm lighting, nice and plush outdoor seating, and a comfortable rug.

For the winter months, you can even add heating lamps so you can really bring those Minnesotan vibes.

2. Fantasy-Themed Porch

Turn your simple screened porch into a wizarding common room with a hanging bed or chair on deck. You can add exposed brick and foliage to give a gothic look to your porch.

Build a new fireplace for a cozy perusal of “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them”. You can take a page from the Great Hall and open the roof of your deck as a skylight, or you can simply paint it to look like the sky at dusk.

Hang candles and lamps from the ceiling at varying levels so it looks like you’re casting your own spells.

3. Villa-Themed Porch

I have to admit, I’ve never seen this movie, but I like the sound of it. Buying a Tuscan villa on a whim to see if it’ll change your life? I love that idea.

But if you’re like me and can’t afford a Tuscan villa on a whim, your next best bet is to create that feeling at home.

Plant some Italian cypress trees and sunflowers around your porch. Add some metal-rimmed seating with white cushions. Add a trellis against your wall, teeming with vines and flowers.

Elongated curtain panels at sunset will give you the perfect golden-hour glow and shadows.

You can use nature and curtains as a method for even more privacy, sealing your little Tuscan paradise away from the outside world.

4. Maximum Seating

If you have a calling as a host, it’s time to give your guests what they really deserve – a place to sit.

Imagine this: you’re crowded around a table surrounded by cushions and your favorite people. You’ve got a cheese plate and What Do You Meme set out. Life is good.

Get an outdoor wicker sectional that brings out the cozy while enjoying the simple outdoors.

5. Porch Spa

Combine rustic and modern for a slice of spa heaven.

Outdoor chairs with a unique shape can bring comfort and practicality. Sleek lines give your porch a modern feel while rustic and exposed wood tiles and wall panels make it feel like you’ve just stepped into a luxury spa.

Add bright whites and pops of calming blue, wicker baskets and bright linen, and fanned-out palm fronds to bring your at-home spa to life.

Construct Your Screened Porch with Ease

It’s your porch, you can do what you want to

The design possibilities are endless; the above are just some of our favorite personal design choices.

When you have a screened-in space that has protection from bugs, wind, and rain, you can do almost anything with the additional living space that a porch provides. Turn it into a calming getaway, a cozy hosting space, or the perfect place for a backyard barbeque.

Call Discount Dumpster for Your Porch Project

Whether you’re building a porch, adding to it, or making some slight renovations, you’ll need a place to toss the construction waste. You can count on our residential dumpster rentals to get the job done.

Rent a dumpster with Discount Dumpster to ensure that your trash gets taken care of quickly and effectively. We’ll handle your old wood scraps, old porch furniture, extra trim, and more.

It only takes one phone call to set up a dumpster rental that gets delivered to your home, stays there for as long as you need it, and gets picked up when you’re done.

Call today to get a quote so you can start on your screened porch dreams!

Call Today for a Porch Project Dumpster Near You! - (888) 316-7010

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