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Tour Through Denver Neighborhoods

Tour Through Denver Neighborhoods

Denver is a city that is home to more than 600,000 people. From its founding in 1858 as a gold mining town, hence the “Denver Nuggets”, it has grown and become a melting pot of cultures. What sets this city apart is its diversity in people, ways of life and geographic location. From exotic cuisine and street art festivals to the Rocky Mountain backdrop, Denver has a lot going for it. Whether you want to shop, get coffee, check out art, eat some exotic foods or try about one-billion different types of beer from over 30 breweries on a rooftop, as you watch the setting sun over the city skyline and mountains, you can find it exclusively in Denver. Below are a handful of neighborhoods you have to experience.


RiNo is a unique neighborhood of Denver that is home to hundreds upon hundreds of street art displays. Everywhere you go there is something and many of the pieces are unbelievably cool. Though known for its art and industrial looking buildings, you can find coffee shops, breweries, art galleries and studios. If you’re looking for some good fitness facilities and a variety of workout styles, you'll definitely want to check RiNo out!

Cherry Creek

The Lux Zone one might go to window shop for future purchases or to completely spoil themselves in a number of ways. The area hosts a massive outdoor shopping center that has everything from luxury hotels to the fanciest restaurants and privately owned shops of all kinds. Though it might be considered the “Higher End” part of town, it’s a place that welcomes anyone and everyone. So visit some shops exclusive to Cherry Creek, a fantastic restaurant and end out the day with a visit to some the top spas around.

Park Hill

A few subdivisions make up Park Hill, so here is the rundown.

Park Hill Northeast is a more affordable area of the Park Hill region and was meant to be so. It has poured back into the community by developing affordable, low-income senior living with a recently integrated apartment complex. There are a number of amenities such as parks and a gardens for the tenants and surrounding community members.

Park Hill North and South are very similar. The brick bungalows that line the streets are home to many shops and restaurants that are often overlooked by most. Little Ma and Pa places with the best food, tuck away neatly as if they are hiding from tourists. So ask the locals for the best places to eat. Park Hill South backs right up to the Museum of Nature and Science and the Denver Zoo. While Park Hill North backs up to the City Park Golf Course. Though similar, Park Hill North and South have their differences and you can make an adventure of exploring them. Be sure to check out Prodigy Coffee House, a non-profit coffee shop that gives underprivileged youth work experience and teaches them skills for a trade.


This Denver neighborhood is good sized and located just outside of Downtown. One of its restaurants it is most known for is Linger Eatuary, which was originally “Olinger Mortuaries”. With several levels of seating in the restaurant, including rooftop, this is the place to be for good food and drinks with a classic Denver skyline experience. And what do you know, there is an ice cream shop in the shape of an old milk can called Little Man Ice Cream built just to the side of the restaurant. Aside from this you can find some hidden gems of boutiques, art galleries and coffee shops while enjoying some very good ice cream from Little Man.

Platt Park

As you may have guessed, is near the South Platte River. Though a slightly older part of Denver it has recently been getting a makeover. With new homes and remodels happening all over, there is an energetic tempo in the neighborhood. Platt Park itself is a lovely stroll as well. Peace in the busy city can be found here.

Wash Park

Washington Park is the a very family friendly area of Denver. The actual Park spans a great distance that encompasses two lakes and miles of tree-lined paths to walk. You can find slack-liners, picnickers, dog walkers, book readers, joggers and sun bathers enjoying Wash Park in the warm months. You'll see everyone enjoying South Pearl Street’s array of good eats and boutiques. This well-kept place is one to visit in the summer, for its local Farmer’s Market where you can find the freshest produce, as you experience the mixed culture of the city.

Congress Park

Being that this place has Colfax Ave running across its northernmost perimeter, it is a hustling hood with tons of options to eat and drink. Not too far away from the lovely Congress Park itself is the Denver Botanic Gardens which is a lovely stroll when it’s all decorated up. This is the perfect place for a casual weekend dinner or a relaxed date.

Capitol Hill

The place of hipsters and history. The vintage architecture of the old mansions and the other buildings are a marvelous sight that takes you back to the beginning of the 20th century. Aside from the beautiful old buildings, Cap Hill can be explored for it’s eateries and shops of all kinds. Grab a bite at the hippest vegetarian restaurants or a classic Colorado Mexican meal. This Denver neighborhood is a must see.


Auraria is the College Kid spot. UCD, Metro and CCD engulf the neighborhood. Higher education is abundant here but the other main attractions outside of schools is the ever loved Elitch Gardens and the Pepsi Center. Elitches is massive amusement park with a swimming area open in the summer. Rides upon rides, roller coaster upon roller coaster and funnel cake upon funnel cake to enjoy with family and friends. As if that wasn’t enough excitement, we have the Pepsi Center Sports Arena, which is home of Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Avalanche. Cheers to them and all of those pursuing higher learning and education.

LoDo (Lower Downtown)

This is place to be on the weekend if you want to get a little bit loosey-goosey and get some dancing and bar hopping in. With tons of places to go in LoDo you basically become a part of this nocturnal part of town where the night life is hoppin’. Union Station is one of the many sites to see and a Denver classic at Union Station is Snooze, a favorite brunch place with drinks on deck after a long night of partying.

Five Points

This was the Jazz hotspot in the 1930s and 40s! Jazz musicians like the legendary Louis Armstrong came through this neighborhood and played here. After the area became not so favorable, it lost a lot of its musical popularity. Just recently it began a revitalization undertaking to get the neighborhood swinging again. As FP recovers from it’s glory days of a Jazz Land of greats, it stays true to its musical history and has jazz and music festivals each year.

Santa Fe Arts District

S-FAD just so happens to be the largest art district in the state and it stays true to its heritage. The Hispanic roots are expressed through the Museo de las Americas and the Mexican restaurants around the area. Every first Friday of the month they have art gallery tours, food trucks, live music and other attractions for those “Weekend Tourists” of the area. And what would all of this be without a whiskey tasting at Stranahan’s? A Colorado based whiskey distillery just down the way in this favorite Denver neighborhood.


The two (Elyria & Swansea) were originally founded separately before being combined when each of them were annexed to Denver in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. One of the main attractions here is the Denver Coliseum where they host the stock show and many other events. Just like the rest of the city, you can find places to eat and drinks to down while enjoying the unique ambiance of this Denver neighborhood.

Baker/South Broadway

Being a primary transportation route to and from Denver, it has flourished into a motley city neighborhood (much like Denver itself). You can find things from remodeled movie theaters from the 30’s and thrift shops all the way to antique stores and classy restaurants. This is the in-and-out hub of Denver and you’ll see every walk of life here. As per usual in Denver you can find great places to eat or enjoy a brew of many kinds and flavors.

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