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Why Renting A Dumpster May Be Best For Your Junk Removal Needs
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How A Dumpster Can Save You Money On Your Junk Removal Project

If you are looking for a local junk removal service you may want to consider a few things before you make a final decision. Though some may consider a junk removal company and a roll off dumpster company the same thing, they have some distinct differences. Knowing these differences could potentially save you money, time and stress. 

Common Items that people throw away or donate can be taken by either type of disposal company. One allows a short amount of time for the service to be completed while the other allows a much longer amount of time so you can be more flexible with the task at hand. We are talking hours to days or even weeks of a time frame difference.

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Are you going to require laborers to help you? If so you might be able to hire the laborers at a potentially lower cost than the ones provided will cost you. Being in a time crunch doesn’t really give you a choice of not having labor but if you have 14 days to get something done opposed to 60 minutes then this could eliminate the necessity of paying for labor.


A more open window of time like, 7-14 days, allows you to be flexible in how you get rid of your junk. A dumpster rental will allow you to call some friends or family to help you, if need be, for those items that require extra hands. 

If you are just getting rid of 1 or 2 items then a junk removal company may be the way to go; however, if you’re getting rid of several or many “junk” items then a roll off dumpster may be a better option when it comes to cost and getting more bang for your buck. Let’s take the national average cost for both a junk pickup company and a dumpster service. 

The average junker is going to cost you $355 for the removal of a few junk items. Maybe a washer, old dresser and dryer totaling around 3 cubic yards of material. This comes out to $118.33 per cubic yard. An average 10 cubic yard dumpster is going to be $377. This comes out to be an average of $37.70 per cubic yard. 

When comparing apples to apples, junk removal will cost you more than 3 times the amount of a small roll off dumpster on average and the more items you have to get rid of the more you pay hourly for the laborers. The more things you have to “junk” the more sense it makes to rent a dumpster.

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