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We keep our dumpster rental process simple so you don't have to worry

When you need a reliable waste removal option, our dumpsters can handle the job. Follow our five-step process to get your next dumpster rental! 

  1. Call for a free quote. We offer free quotes over the phone in fifteen minutes or less. You'll get upfront pricing so you don't have to worry about hidden fees. 
  2. Choose your dumpster size. We have five different sizes that you can pick for your job. Unsure which one is best for you? Our team can help you decide!
  3. Schedule delivery. We'll drop off your dumpster at your home or job site on the date you choose. 
  4. Fill it up. Our flexible rental periods start at two weeks but can be extended for as long as you need. We can also come pick up your container if you finish early! 
  5. Call for pickup. When you're done, all you need to do is call!

Call today to get a dumpster delivered right to your home

Whether you need a small or large dumpster, we are here to take care of your waste. Don’t let that trash keep piling up. 

From home renovation projects to commercial building repairs, we've got a roll off dumpster for you. 

Give us a call to see how we can help you get more gone for less!

Why Discount Dumpster?

Flat rate quotes with no hidden fees
Five dumpster sizes available
Lowest rates in the Nashville area
Great customer service
Flexible rental periods available
Family-owned business

Locustwood Dumpster Rental Sizes

An image of a 10-yard roll off dumpster rental by Discount Dumpster

10 Yard Dumpster

(6 feet wide, 12 feet long, 4 feet tall)
*Dimensions may vary
  • Cleaning out your closet
  • Clutter in your home
  • Yard waste
  • Broken doors
Call For Pricing: (855)-573-DUMP
An image of a 15 yard dumpster rental size

15 Yard Dumpster

(8 feet wide, 16 feet long, 4 feet tall)
*Dimensions may vary
  • Multiple apartment unit cleaning
  • Minor construction jobs
  • Classroom declutter
Call For Pricing: (855)-573-DUMP
An image of a 20 yard dumpster rental size

20 Yard Dumpster

(8 feet wide, 20 feet long, 4 feet tall)
*Dimensions may vary
  • Small home demolition
  • Large landscaping projects
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Carpeting
Call For Pricing: (855)-573-DUMP
An image of a 30 yard dumpster rental size

30 Yard Dumpster

(8 feet wide, 22 feet long, 6 feet tall)
*Dimensions may vary
  • Commercial job sites
  • Large pieces of furniture
  • Large home renovation projects
Call For Pricing: (855)-573-DUMP
Image of a construction worker standing in front of a 40 yard dumpster. Dumpster is blue showing the dimensions of

40 Yard Dumpster

(8 feet wide, 24 feet long, 8 feet tall)
*Dimensions may vary
  • Bulky objects
  • Demolition debris
  • Commercial construction work
Call For Pricing: (855)-573-DUMP
Photo of man standing in front of a blue heavy box dumpster. Photo shows dimensions of dumpster being 12 feet long, 4 feet high, and 6 feet wide. Lower corener of photos shows picture of four pickup trucks to represent a 10 cubic yard heavy box holding up to four pickup truck loads inside.

Inert Dumpster

(6 feet wide, 12 feet long, 4 feet tall)
*Dimensions may vary
  • Extremely heavy materials
  • Asphalt/cement
  • Rock/dirt
  • Cinderblocks/bricks
Call For Pricing: (855)-573-DUMP



Discount Dumpster Service Area Nashville

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM - 6:30 PM CST
Saturday: 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM CST
Sunday: CLOSED
*Delivery/Pickup hours may vary

Common Uses For A Dumpster Rental

Rubbish removing – Bathroom remodels – Carpeting – Hardwood floors – Landscaping – Wrecking ball work – Construction debris

Nearby Service Areas

Locustwood's Most Reliable Dumpster Rental Service

When you need to rent dumpsters to get rid of your waste, we've got you covered. We've proudly provided dumpster rentals and waste removal services all around the Locustwood and greater Nashville areas. Our dumpsters have helped our friends and neighbors stay on top of their work and keep their city clean. 

Do I Need A Rental Dumpster or Waste Removal Services?

A junk removal company is a great waste removal option when you have hazardous waste or items that can't go in a landfill, like appliances or mattresses. However, if you have a lot to throw away, multiple pickups could end up costing you more time and money than you plan. 

With a dumpster rental, you'll have your container on your property so you can toss waste as you go. You can also extend your rental for as long as you need so you don't have to stick to anyone's schedule but yours. A dumpster rental will also end up more affordable than multiple junk hauler pickups. 

Service Areas Near Locustwood

We provide affordable roll off dumpsters all around the Locustwood area and other Nashville neighborhoods. 

Give us a call to see if we can deliver to your home!

How Much Do Dumpster Rentals Cost?

All of our pricing is upfront so you know exactly what you're paying for

We keep our pricing upfront and flat-rate so you know exactly what you're paying for. Our rental process is also reliable and simple. 

When you call us for a quote, we'll ask some details of your project - what dumpster size you need, the estimated weight of your waste, your location, and your rental period. We take all of that and calculate that into a customized quote. 

All of our rentals come with delivery and pickup so you don't have to worry about transportation. We'll also bring it out and pick it up on a day you choose. From our 10-yard dumpster to our 40-yard dumpster, we'll be able to provide the size you need for your job. 

Call today to get your free dumpster rental quote!


Renting a roll off for your home projects

Do I Need a Dumpster Permit in Locustwood?

This can depend on your dumpster placement. Things like delivery spot and length of the rental period factor here. If your dumpster is placed on your own private property, then a permit is likely not needed. Placing your dumpster on public property will likely require a permit. 

Reach out to your local authorities and HOA with any additional questions you have about the permitting process.

We can also help you with any dumpster placement and permit questions you may have!

Are There Prohibited Items For Dumpster Rentals?

We follow strict local and federal guidelines on what can and can't be thrown in a landfill. Examples of prohibited materials include:

  • tires
  • car parts
  • gasoline
  • motor oil
  • refrigerants
  • household chemicals
  • SOD
  • electronics
  • batteries
  • medical waste

Reach out to your local authorities for additional information. We can also answer any specific questions you have or help you find an alternate disposal facility.

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