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Where Does My Trash Go in Chicago?

Local Waste Management Solutions in Chicago

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Chicago, Illinois, is one of the most urbanized and densely populated cities in Illinois. As a result, it produces a great deal of waste that must be safely disposed off to minimize pollution. Waste services in a city like Chicago can seem daunting, yet professionals have nailed the art of trash collection down to a science! Dumpster rentals in Chicago are part of that science.

Where Does All the Trash Go in Chicago?

Over 4 million tons of trash piling up isn’t a sight for sore eyes. That's what Chicago generates annually. Thankfully, most of us are lucky in that we do not have to worry about waste disposal. Instead, we can rely on the weekly trash pickup to get rid of our household junk and kitchen waste.

But garbage disposal doesn’t end there. In most cases, the hauler dumps the trash at a local transfer station. Since landfills are often located outside the city, a transfer station plays a critical role in minimizing the distance that waste companies must traverse. A popular transfer station in this city is the Chicago Hauling and Transfer Station, located at 1500 N Hooker Street.

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Chicago Transfer Stations

A transfer station is a place that can temporarily hold waste until it is carted off to a landfill, incinerator or to a recycling facility. Instead of driving all the way to the landfill, one can drop off the junk at the nearest transfer station. In some cases, the employees may also perform some preliminary sorting of the disposed material at the station.

Waste collection vehicles thus collects the garbage from the city residents, drops it off at the nearest transfer station and later, waste disposal companies can carry the waste to the appropriate landfill or final dumpsite.

As such, the Chicago Hauling and Transfer Station plays a vital role in keeping the emissions low and the city clean. Other such transfer stations are operated by Republic Waste Services, such as the Calumet Transfer Station and the  Loop Recycling Center and Transfer Station.

Chicago Landfills

Most waste products, unless they are hazardous or can be recycled, usually ends up in a landfill, located outside the city limits. In fact, the landfill is one of the oldest methods of waste disposal.

While earlier the waste would be thrown into a specified “dumping ground” and covered with layers of soil, nowadays, landfills are designed in a more sophisticated manner. In fact, most landfills have a built-in layering system to isolate the different kinds of waste and monitor any dangerous by-products that are formed because of the gradual decomposition.

Livingston landfill, near Pontiac, Illinois, is a trusted dumpsite in this city that is often the final resting place for many of the items that you no longer need.

A Photo of the Livingston Landfill

The Livingston Landfill, Photo Courtesy of the Pantagraph

Local Waste Management Solutions

Thus, the waste from your annual spring cleaning or backyard barbeque party has to travel a long way before it eventually reaches the landfill. In fact, a lot of careful and coordinated effort goes into ensuring that the movement from one place to another happens smoothly, without contaminating the environment or adding to the carbon footprint. By opting for optimal waste disposal solutions and trash pick-up services like Discount Dumpster, you can do your bit to keep the city beautiful and clean.

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