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30 Yard Dumpster Rental in Omaha

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30 Yard Dumpster Rental in Omaha: Dimensions & Pricing

Dimensions of Our 30 Yard Dumpster Rental

(22 feet long x 8 feet wide x 6 feet tall) – 12 pickup trucks

A 30-yard dumpster is an 8 ft wide by 22 ft long space. The container stands 6 ft high and has a backdoor access panel that makes it easy to load your bulky and heavy waste. This roll off dumpster has a large footprint and typically will not fit on most residential driveways. However, it is designed for massive junk removal projects. 

Our customers often get street delivery or have it placed in their construction work site in a wide open area that makes it easy to access the dumpster from multiple sides.

This dumpster has a large holding capacity and can hold up to 5 tons of waste, the equivalent of 12 pickup truckloads of trash or 200 trash bags.

How Much Does a 30 Yard Dumpster Rental Cost in Omaha?

Our dumpster rental services are competitively priced. For a standard dumpster rental in Omaha, your 30-yard dumpster will cost you a low flat rate ranging from $520 to $725. This rate is determined by the size of the dumpster, your location, seasonal availability, and the type of waste that is being disposed of. 

Unlike some dumpster rental companies, we do not tack on any hidden fees to your final invoice when you rent a dumpster from us. Our flat rate covers the rental charge, landfill fee, fuel charge, and taxes. Delivery and pick up are free. We can also customize your quote, adding extra days if you’d like a longer rental term. 

We offer special rates for the disposal of inert and heavy waste.

It's important to know that you should not exceed the weight limit of your dumpster container, as this could trigger an additional charge and delay in pickup. The weight limit for your dumpster is stated in your rental contract.

30 Yard Dumpster Product Overview

3-ton weight capacity

Best for commercial projects

Holds about 12 pickup truck loads of trash

May need street placement

Alternative Dumpster Sizes That Can Also Work for Your Project:


30 Yard Dumpster

(22 feet long x 8 feet wide x 6 feet high)
Great for large jobs where multiple truckloads of debris would be a necessity. 30 yard dumpsters are commonly used on construction sites and full home remodels.
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40 Yard Dumpster

(24 feet long x 8 feet wide x 8 feet high)
Good for large projects with large bulky material. Mainly used on commercial construction sites due to the height of dumpster walls.
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What Can I Use a 30 Yard Dumpster for in Omaha?

Our 30-yard dumpster is ideal for big commercial projects that generate lots of bulky waste. Whether you need it for a construction site demolition in South Omaha, a large estate cleanout in Leawood West, full-home gutting and renovation in the Saratoga Historic District, or flood cleanup in downtown Omaha or surrounding areas, our 30 yard dumpster is a perfect waste management solution.

It is also the best choice for a large garage cleanout, barn cleanouts, medium-size construction sites, and storefront remodeling. We proudly serve the Omaha community, including the Blair South Business Park, Sherman, Bellevue, Florence, Ft. Omaha, and La Vista.

How to Order a 30 Yard Dumpster Rental in Omaha

Step 1: Call Our Staff

discount dumpster staff taking client orders for a 10 yard dumpster rental

Step 2: Free Delivery

discount dumpster roll off dumpsters in seattle have pickup and dropoff for free

Step 3: Load Up Your Junk

discount dumpster in omaha has roll off dumpsters for commercial projects

Step 4: Free Pickup

discount dumpster in omaha has roll off dumpsters for commercial projects

How Long Can I Rent a 30 Yard Dumpster for in Omaha?

Our standard rental period is 7 to 14 days, but if you need more time to complete your cleanup, let us know when you call to order. You can also contact us if you finish earlier. Most of our 30-yard dumpster customers have big jobs to do. So, in many cases, we can offer an extended rental term for an additional fee.

We offer a reliable dumpster service for large-scale debris removals. Discount Dumpster is locally owned and operated. If you have a long-term job to complete, ask about our swap-out dumpster service. We can coordinate the project for you to make sure everything runs smoothly.

We will pick up your full dumpster every two weeks and deliver a new empty dumpster container. This allows you to have continuous access to a dumpster while you complete your entire job.

Prohibited Items




Roof shingles


Kitchen counters





Not Accepted


Household cleaners

Medical Waste




Air conditioning units



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Permit for My 30 Yard Dumpster Rental in Omaha?

Omaha City authorities only require you get a permit if you must place your dumpster on the street or other public space. If you're placing it on a private property, you typically do not need permits, unless your property is governed by a homeowner's association (HOA). In that case, you will need to secure their permission first.

Our 30 yard dumpsters are large size dumpsters, which may not fit properly on some residential driveways. Hence, you will need a permit for street placement. 

Can I Schedule My 30 Yard Dumpster for Delivery at a Certain Time?

We cannot guarantee delivery or pickup at any specific times of day. But we can make a special considering whenever we can to accommodate your request. Our typical delivery window is 6 Am -6 PM, Monday through Friday.

Kindly send in your requests and our staff will do everything possible to accommodate your unique situation. 

Can I Put Electronics in My 30 Yard Dumpster?

No, you cannot. These materials are categorized as hazardous waste and not accepted in landfills. Items like electronics and batteries will not decay naturally and can leak toxic substances like battery acid or mercury into the soil.

Please dispose of electronic wastes at specialized electronic recycling plants. Do not throw them into your roll-off dumpsters. 

Can I Fill the 30 Yard Dumpster Rental Over the Top?

No, you should not. Our hauling trucks do not pick up overfilled containers. You should never fill a dumpster over the top because it will lead to pickup rejection. 

Transporting an overweight dumpster poses safety hazards to motorists and pedestrians. Please note that in the case of a pickup rejection, you will be charged a trip fee on top of your rental costs to cover the additional weight. 

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