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Where Does My Trash Go in Omaha, NE?

Local Waste Management Solutions in Omaha

About Local Omaha Trash Collection

Located along the picturesque Missouri River, the bustling City of Omaha is home to some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies. It also produces a large amount of waste each day that must be carefully disposed of to keep the city clean, beautiful, and healthy for everyone. 

To ensure accurate waste management, the City of Omaha Waste Management Solution has several trash collection points and provides waste and recycling collection every other week. In addition to recycling locations, the city sends almost all trash and yard waste to landfill.

Where Does All the Trash Go in Omaha?

Most homeowners and businesses have no clue as to what happens to the trash after a weekly trash hauler takes it away from the neighborhood. This is because, when you use a dumpster rental service like Discount Dumpster, you typically do not have to worry about the fate of the garbage once it has been removed from your surroundings.

But, if you’re curious about how waste disposal works, you’re in for a ride. The final destination of the municipal solid waste generated in all of Omaha is either the recycling point and/or landfills.

Did you know that your household junk or refuse from the office doesn’t immediately go to a landfill. Instead, the hauler truck deposits the trash at the nearest transfer station. 

Depending on where you live, the waste might first go to River City Recycling & Transfer Station, located at 6404 South 60th Street, Omaha.

Recycling & Transfer Stations are where multiple regular collection vehicles from across the city consolidate solid waste, which will then be transported to landfill or recycling facilities in larger hauler vehicles. This helps to make waste management more economical.

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Omaha Transfer Stations

The transfer station is merely a pit stop. Since most landfills are situated outside the city, it isn’t practical for the trash hauler to collect the neighborhood garbage and drive it all the way to the landfill each time. Not only does it burn a lot of fuel, but it also exposes toxic substances to the environment for a longer time. This is why transfer stations are so important to the city’s waste management efforts.  

Transfer stations decrease the overall distance that the hauler trucks have to travel. Moreover, a network of well-connected transfer stations ensures that the waste is sorted and disposed of in a timely and secure manner. 

Photo of the D&R Transfer Station in Denver

D&R Transfer Station, Commerce City

Local Omaha Landfills

From a distance, a landfill may look like a small, smoky mountain. But there’s always more to what meets the eye. A large dumpsite such as the Omaha Landfill has a complex interior design. 

Once the truck reaches the landfill, all the garbage is safely sorted into two piles: recyclable and non-recyclable. Some items that are too hazardous to go to a dumpsite are collected and sent off to a recycling facility. The rest of the items are thrown into the landfill and covered with layers of soil. 

In fact, modern landfills are usually designed with a careful layering system. As the waste substances begin to decompose, harmful emissions may be released. To minimize this, the landfills have a layering system where the waste particles are safely isolated from the toxic by-products. The lowest layer of the landfill is often lined with clay, concrete, or plastic to prevent the waste from seeping into the groundwater. 

Moreover, a landfill itself might be recycled after a while. After it has reached its full capacity, it may be transformed into something useful like a public park. 

Waste Management Solutions in Omaha, NE

Waste management protocols like the ones above are crucial to keeping Omaha clean and safe. By choosing Discount Dumpster and following all the rules of waste disposal, you are doing your part to keep Omaha, NE tidy and free of waste. You can always count on our commitment as a trusted dumpster rental service to keep the Omaha clean and green.

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