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Where Does My Trash Go in Salt Lake City?

Local Waste Management Solutions in Salt Lake City

About Local Salt Lake City Trash Collection

Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah, known for its diversity and distinctive neighborhoods. Be it to the popularity of the Utah Pride Festival, outdoor recreational centers, or even the skiing sports, Salt Lake City attracts multitudes of tourists each year. 

Of course, a booming economy produces tons of waste each day as a result of urban and industrial activity. This requires safe disposal following strict waste management protocols.

Where Does All the Trash Go in Salt Lake City?

Fortunately, thanks to professional services like Discount Dumpster or junk haulers, most of us do not have to worry about garbage collection and disposal. In most cases, a trash hauler comes to the neighborhood on a particular day of the week and just tows away the junk. 

But from then on, the waste items from your kitchen, barbecue party or annual spring cleaning, embarks on a long and exciting journey before it eventually ends up at a landfill outside the city. 

Usually, after the trash hauler collects all the garbage on their designated route, they drive to a nearby transfer station where some preliminary waste sorting takes place. In Salt Lake City, your household or commercial junk is most likely to stop over at the Salt Lake City Transfer Station, located at 675 South Gladiola Street.

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Salt Lake City Transfer Stations

A transfer station plays a vital role in waste management. Instead of driving to the nearby landfill each time, the junk hauler can just drop off the garbage at a convenient transfer station, thus saving on fuel costs. This also decreases emissions along the way, thereby minimizing the carbon footprint

It streamlines the waste disposal process, as the garbage is neatly sorted before being put into larger trucks. Although a more careful sorting takes place at the landfill, the sorting at a transfer station is also important. Some hazardous items that must not be placed in landfills can be directly sent off to a recycling facility from a transfer station.

Depending on how large and well-connected the place is, a city may have several transfer stations to ensure optimal and timely waste disposal.

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Salt Lake City Landfills

Finally, the waste reaches the landfill. But then what happens?

At the landfill, a more careful sorting takes place. Hazardous items are separated and sent off to alterative facilities while the rest of the waste is thrown into the dumpsite and covered with layers of soil.

From the outside, a landfill like the Salt Lake County Landfill usually resembles a small hill or a mountain. But the interior of the dumpsite is where the magic happens. 

Most modern landfills have a complex layering system to ensure the safe separation of waste from the toxic by-products. The bottom layer is usually lined with clay or concrete to prevent waste from seeping into the groundwater or soil. The landfill is regularly monitored for any harmful emissions or rise in pollution levels beyond the safety limits.  

Local Waste Management Solutions

Thus, waste management companies, including Discount Dumpster are committed to keeping large metropolises, such as Salt Lake City, clean, tidy and thriving.  By opting for optimal waste management solutions, you too can do your part to preserve the environment! Call us today for affordable dumpster rentals in Salt Lake City.

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