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Take a Tour Through Houston Neighborhoods

Touring Houston with Discount Dumpster

Tour Through Houston Neighborhoods

Houston, TX, is a thriving city which has experienced tremendous growth over the past couple of decades. Houston is the most populated city in the State of Texas and the fourth most populated city in the US, with a population of over 2,300,000. The city is home to 88 “super neighborhoods”, including Midtown, Memorial, Museum District, River Oaks, and Houston Heights. Houston has become an international business hub yet offers much more than that!

Downtown Houston

Photo of the Downtown Houston Skyline

Downtown Houston is the city’s economic center, known primarily as its main business district. This has been the case since at least 1836! Downtown Houston is also the political center of the city, where City Hall and Houston Court System reside.

Downtown Houston is also home to Minute Maid Park and the Toyota Center, home of the Houston Astros and Houston Rockets!


Photo of Midtown Park in Houston, TX

Midtown rests near Downtown Houston, known in recent years as a place where aspiring professionals make their home. Midtown is part of the “Inner Loop” of Houston, which has grown to include new condominiums and local businesses such as Axelrad Beer Garden. The neighborhood is also home to Midtown Arts and Theatre Center, for those interested in leisure and creativity!

Midtown is a good place to raise a family, yet also is a good place to enjoy your youth. The neighborhood has a great nighttime scene. Despite the popularity of the neighborhood, cost of living remains affordable and many still flock to this happening spot of Houston


Photo of Memorial Hospital in Houston

Memorial is a decent blend of suburban and city life in Houston. Its not too far from the action of Houston, yet just enough to enjoy a quiet home life. Memorial is best known for its fantastic school systems, as well as leisure. The neighborhood is home to the Houston Zoo, Houston Space Center, and the Houston Museum of Nature and Sciences!

Museum District

Photo of Houston Museum District

You probably already guessed it. Yes, the Houston Museum District gets its name from the assortment of museums that exist there. There are, in fact, over 19 different museums in the Museum District! Eggheads beware, you’ll have a lot to do in this Houston neighborhood!

Some of the most notable museums in the Museum District are the Houston Children’s Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, and the Cockrell Butterfly Center. Adults and kids alike can find something that excites them in the Museum District.

River Oaks

Photo of River Oaks Gates in Houston

River Oaks is one of Houston’s most affluent neighborhoods. As a matter of fact, River Oaks is considered one of the priciest neighborhoods in the US! Due to a concentration of wealth and retirees, River Oaks has crafted its living to a primarily residential feel. River Oaks is still growing, however, with new luxury apartments and shopping centers being built to this day,

River Oaks has many thriving recreations including River Oaks Park, which many residents frequent for sports and family leisure. There are also plenty of great eateries in the area, such as Frank’s American Revival and a’Bouzy. If you’re interested in a quiet life with luxury living, River Oaks is the place in Houston for you!

Houston Heights

A photo of Houston Heights Theater

Locals will simply call this neighborhood “The Heights.” Houston Heights is recognized as one of Houston’s oldest neighborhoods. Due to its age, many historians make their way to this neighborhood to study the unique architecture of Houston Heights. Many of the homes in Houston Heights are so old that any newcomer buying property must adhere to local preservation rules which can be strict.

Many of the homes in Houston Heights are built in Victorian and Queen Anne styles, which range in price. Believe it or not, not every home in Houston Heights is expensive. Some can be, even toping 1 million dollars. However, many home are easily affordable despite their historical value.   

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