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Take a Tour Through Kansas City Neighborhoods

Touring Kansas City with Discount Dumpster

Tour Through Kansas City Neighborhoods

Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri by population. In fact at over 500,000 people KC is in the top 50 most-populous cities in the United States. The city has almost 240 neighborhoods which include Downtown, River Market, Crossroads, Westport and the up and coming Power and Light District. Most notably known for its famous KC-style Barbecue, something you don’t want to miss!

Downtown Kansas City


The Central Business District of Kansas City, or Downtown, has a rich culture of arts, community landscapes, local cuisine, and a multitude of shopping. Downtown KC is home to the T-Mobile Center, famous for its College Basketball Experience along with Arrowhead Stadium where two-time Super Bowl champions host. The wonderful story of Kansas City runs deep into the downtown neighborhood which some call a true melting pot of American culture.

River Market


The River Market neighborhood has a history you can visit over and over, always learning something new. Full of parks, hiking trails, and views for miles, your time is well spent both day and night. The top location to visit while visiting the neighborhood is the City Market, located at 20 E 5th Street. Here visitors get a chance to connect with local businesses around the city and state. Not sure what to do next weekend? Check out the Farmers Market for new music, food, and company.


Crossroads, Kansas City, MO

The Crossroads Art District is covered in boutique stores, unique restaurants, thriving businesses, and a sea of art galleries. If Art is your thing, Crossroads is your place. Spent an evening at a local gallery show or enjoy the First Friday events where the neighborhood truly comes alive.

Crossroads is more than just an intersection. It is where community and diversification are welcome. Come as you are, and you’ll find everything you are looking for. From daily events to music festivals, the Crossroads is always open for business.


Old Westport Kansas City

Most locals think of Westport for two things, brunch and late-night entertainment. With a neighborhood history dating back to the 1800s you will understand how it has withstood the test of time. The charm of Westport’s 19th-century charm surrounds you as you walk through the historic buildings, old lampposts and trees extending to the sky.

For all the history buffs Westport is behind the largest Civil War conflict west of the Mississippi, the Battle of Westport. Though the city has changed, the neighborhood will never lose its old school charm. Full of restaurants, saloons, and live music venues, Westport is a must for visitors and locals.

West Bottoms

Kansas City West Bottoms Neighborhood

Covered by historic buildings, West Bottoms is a lively neighborhood located on the border of Missouri and Kansas. With the Missouri River to the north this neighborhood is welcoming all year round. If you are a fan of antiques this is the place to be. It has an excellent selection of vintage stores, vibrant bars, and unique restaurants. If you do get a chance to make it up to West Bottoms make it for First Weekends. This culminates an array of antique sellers to open their shops for all to explore.

Some of the top places to eat include, but are certainly not limited to Voltaire, Golden Ox Restaurant and The Campground. Once you are fueled up it is time to enjoy and explore more of what West Bottoms has to offer

Power and Light District

Kansas City Power and Light District

The up-and-coming neighborhood of Kansas City is known as the Power and Light District. The newest and what some may say most lively spots in KC is well within reach when you are here. No matter the age there is always a place and time to enjoy all this great city has to offer. With more than 50 bars located in the city center is a new $10Billion investment into the city we all know and love.

For lack of a better term the Power and Light District is the concrete playground of KC. When you visit this neighborhood, you won’t go far without hearing about KC Live! – the districts new outdoor patio full of events, food, and drink. The new and improved heartbeat of Kansas City. Not going to the Royals game? Jump down to enjoy some of the city’s largest sports watch parties with fellow fans.

Kansas City is full of history and charm with just enough new to make everyone feel at home. Take your time to enjoy your time in Kansas City and know that there is a neighborhood for everyone. Before you leave make sure you catch a game, brewery, and the famous Kansas City-style barbecue. You will not regret it. New districts and neighborhoods continue to thrive along the confluence of the Missouri and Kansas Rivers. Let us be your guide to a new frontier of work, life, and leisure!

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