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You Rent a Dumpster – We Plant a Tree

For Every Dumpster Rental, We Plant A Tree

We have contributed to the planting of 13,494 trees and counting!

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At Discount Dumpster, we are passionate about giving back to the places we explore. As a company we have committed to planting a tree for every dumpster rental. With your help Discount Dumpster has contributed to the planting of 13,000+ trees in 2019. Our partnership with the Nation Forest Foundation is one of mutual value and respect for our homes and communities.

Rent a Dumpster – Plant a Tree

Why We Give Back

What is the National Forest Foundation?

The National Forest Foundation engages Americans in national and community focused programs to promote the heath and public enjoyment of over 193 million acres of the National Forest System. By directly engaging with people the NFF increased the health of our forests across the U.S. Public lands, which include our National Forests, are core to what makes America a wonderful place to live.

Why We Choose to Partner with NFF?

We at Discount Dumpster Rental realize that having trucks on the road and disposing of waste has a carbon footprint. To help combat this we decided to team up with the National Forest Foundation. Whether you rent one dumpster or 100, we provide the means necessary to plant a tree. Did you know that a single tree has the ability to absorb up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide? That comes to nearly 2,000 pounds, or 1 ton, of sequestered CO2.

On top of its benefits for CO2 absorption, one tree is able to produce 260 pounds of oxygen in a single year. A single acre of trees provides enough oxygen for up to 12 people.

Discount Dumpster’s Objective

It is our company goal to plant over 100,000 trees with the help of our customers. By working toward a common goal to fight climate change, we support our forests and future generations.

1 Dumpster = We’ll Plant a Tree

We believe in teaming with our customers to make the world around us a pleasant place. Discount Dumpster is committed to reducing environmental impacts, while using plant based resources in daily operations. Help us give back to the non-profits who help protect the places we love to visit and explore.

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President and CEO of National Forest Foundation

“The opportunity to lead it collaboratively and creatively with the NFF’s board, staff, and many supporters and partners nationwide is a great privilege. These public lands are truly treasures in countless ways; that idea will drive the NFF forward in the years to come.”

One Tree Planted with Every Sale, Every Day

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