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Justin Mihalcin, Co-Founder

Meet Justin Mihalcin, Co-Founder of Discount Dumpster

Career Highlights/Overview

Justin Mihalcin is a Co-Founder of Discount Dumpster, a groundbreaking company established in 2018 to revolutionize the waste and construction industry. Justin’s father and co-founder, Dave Mihalcin, was the founder of a successful waste management company, catering to both commercial and residential customers. Being a son of an entrepreneur, starting a business was always an interest of Justin’s.


With a diverse background, Justin brings valuable expertise to Discount Dumpster. He has previously worked as a Landman in the oil industry, negotiating contracts and managing mineral acquisitions. Additionally, his experience as a commercial real estate broker helped hone his understanding of the business world. 

Fun Facts

Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Justin finds joy in various outdoor activities including golfing, skiing, hiking, and traveling. Family is the most important part of his life, where he spends the majority of his free time.

Justin's commitment to community development is evident through his active involvement on the board of the Musana Community Development Organization since 2019, where he actively contributes to making a positive impact.


Justin earned a B.S., with an emphasis in finance and management, from the University of Colorado Boulder in Boulder, Colorado. 

An image of Justin Mihalcin, co-founder of Discount Dumpster
Justin Mihalcin, Co-Founder of Discount Dumpster
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