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Going Green with Discount Dumpster, Learn How We're Becoming a Net-Zero Company

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Our National Forest Foundation Partnership

Since 2021 Discount Dumpster has been in partnership with the National Forest Foundation (NFF). The National Forest Foundation is partnered with the U.S. Forest Service, which dedicates itself to planting trees in National Forests across the country.

The NFF not only plants trees, they make sure to plant trees that are native to the forests they work in. The organization then partners with businesses and other public or private entities, collecting annual donations to secure the necessary funding for their tree planting efforts.

Discount Dumpster's partnership with the NFF is a testament to our commitment in changing the waste management landscape. For too long the waste industry has been viewed as neglectful of the environment, or even downright harmful.

That's why Discount Dumpster pledges to plant one tree through the NFF in a National Forest for every dumpster rented. This is meant to curb the carbon footprint from hauling trucks, which are huge carbon emitters. Doing this puts us on track to become the first net-zero waste management company.

Discount Dumpster wants to be a trend-setter for environmental awareness and action. It's easy to just go with the flow while our planet suffers. We don't want to do what's easy but what's right!
Learn How Discount Dumpster is Becoming a Net Zero Carbon Company
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Green Waste Recycling Solutions

Learn Why Recycling is Important and How to Properly Recycle

Discount Dumpster takes recycling seriously. It may seem like an extra inconvenience in sorting out recyclables from regular trash, yet it is crucially important. People will often unintentionally toss items that are perfectly recyclable.

One item in particular is paper. Paper, as we all know, comes from trees. The amount of paper that is wasted each year is staggering, with roughly 1 billion trees worth of paper tossed in the trash each year. The key to fixing these issues is awareness. Discount Dumpster has many resources dedicated to recycling, which we encourage all customers to review to better understand what can and cannot be recycled.

Other Green Waste Resources

Discount Dumpster offers several free resources on environmental sustainability and going green. If you're ever in need of vital information on going green, we've got you covered. We believe that waste management means more than just collecting and dumping trash. Waste management should also include reducing the amount of trash we generate year after year. 

Going green isn't just an individual responsibility. Companies that contribute to environmental issues also share the responsibility of reducing harmful waste and carbon footprints. We all have a collective responsibility to ensure the health of our planet and we hope our resources will point you in the right direction!

Frequently Asked Questions

Has Discount Dumpster Taken Part in any Cleanup Projects?

Discount Dumpster recently took part in the cleanup of the Arvada, CO, trail network. Many of our staff have also taken part and led their own community cleanup efforts, encouraged by the company. Discount Dumpster is always interested in participating in new cleanup efforts. If there is a cleanup event you would like us to partake in, please call us at 855-573-DUMP.

How Can Other Companies Partake in the National Forest Foundation Tree Planting Program?

You can visit the NFF website at The NFF has a variety of outlets for business partnerships, as well as individual volunteers. We highly recommend reaching out to the NFF to see how your business or individual efforts can aid their tree planting campaign.   

Does Discount Dumpster Participate in Recycling Efforts?

We absolutely do! Not only do we provide assistance for customers who need to recycle certain materials not accepted in landfills, we also recycle products in our offices! Every station has recycle bins, and the company incentivizes its staff to recycle at any chance they get.

Why Does the National Forest Tree Planting Campaign Matter?

This program matters to us due to the fact our company emits a lot of greenhouse gases. Waste hauling trucks are gas guzzlers and release a ton of emissions. However, believe it or not, planting a single tree for each hauling trip helps neutralize the effects of our emissions. This is crucial for our mission of becoming a net-zero carbon company.

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