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12 Yard Roll Off Dumpster

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12 Yard Roll Off Dumpster: Dimensions & Pricing

12 Yard Dumpster Rental Dimensions

(14 feet long x 7 feet wide x 3.5 feet tall) – 4 pickup trucks

A 12 yard dumpster rental is roughly 14 feet long , 7 feet wide , 3.5 feet tall. Dimensions will vary. A 12 yard dumpster is primarily used for residential projects and can fit easily on a standard driveway.

12 Yard Dumpster Rental Pricing $

The average price of a 12 yard dumpster is around $360.00, based on service area. The primary factors that affect dumpster rental pricing tends to be dumpster size, estimated weight of your project waste, and your exact service location. Size availability is also a factor that affects pricing. Contact us today to receive a full pricing breakdown for 12 yard dumpster rentals.

12 Yard Dumpster Product Overview

12 yard roll offs are great residential dumpsters that service a variety of home project needs. This can range from junk removal to yard waste cleanups. These dumpster rentals will find easy placement on most home driveways. This allows you to skip any potential need for dumpster permits.

In summary, the benefits of a 12 yard dumpster include: 

  • Compact yet solid design
  • Holds up to 4 pickup truck loads
  • Easy open-door access 



10 Yard Dumpster

(12 feet long x 6 feet wide x 4 feet tall)
This small dumpster size is best for small remodel jobs, minor landscaping, spring clean, and junk removal. The shorter sides allow for easy dumping over the top.
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15 Yard Dumpster

(16 feet long x 8 feet wide x 4 feet high)
Good for full room remodels at your home and larger home and garage cleanings. The uses for this size container are for minor roofing projects, DIY renovations, landscaping debris, and more.
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20 Yard Dumpster

(20 feet long x 8 feet wide x 4 feet high)
Useful for larger jobs around the house, both interior and exterior. This size dumpster rental is typically used for kitchen and/or bathroom remodels, roofing jobs, garage clean outs, attic clean outs, and large landscaping projects.
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Is a 12 Yard Dumpster the Right Choice for You?

Choosing the best dumpster size isn't as easy as it sounds. There a lot of things to consider before you decide on the right dumpster for you and your project needs. For a 12 yard dumpster, keep in mind this is a relatively small dumpster size. 

It is often assumed that a dumpster, no matter the size, can hold any amount of weight you throw in it. While this might sound technically true, the reality is much different. There is a reason why certain dumpster sies are recommended for certain projects. 

Before choosing a dumpster size right for you, consider the following questions:

• How big will your project be?
• What type of waste are you tossing?
• What is the budget of your project?

Common Projects Used for the 12 Yard Dumpster

The 12 Yard Roll Off is Most Commonly Used for Smaller Residential Jobs. 

This Dumpster Driveway Friendly and the Easiest to Manage. It Can Fit in Tighter Areas
and Costs Less Overall.

Small Junk Removal
Moving Cleanouts 
Small Yard Waste Jobs
Small decluttering projects
Small remodels 

How to Order a 12 Yard Dumpster Rental

Step 1: Call Our Staff

discount dumpster employee ready to help with any questions

Give our team a call and give us the details of your project.

Step 2: Free Delivery

discount dumpster roll off dumpster rental has large and small dumpsters

Pick the best dumpster size and schedule free delivery.

Step 3: Load Up Your Junk

discount dumpster rental employee in front of a 10 yard dumpster

After delivery, get to work and load up your dumpster.

Step 4: Free Pickup

discount dumpster roll off dumpster being picked up after a renovation

Once you're done, give us a call or wait for a scheduled pickup.

Why Choose Discount Dumpster?

Discount Dumpster's waste management solutions offer a simplified service for both residential and commercial projects alike. Junk haulers don't take your timeframes into account, and tend to have many catches and additional fees that they aren't upfront about.

Even other dumpster rental companies cannot compete with us. Many rental companies will promise what we actually deliver on. With Discount Dumpster, what you see is what you get.

Our waste disposal professionals will guide you through the rental process every step of the way. One quick call gets you a free quote with a flat rate that covers all relevant taxes and local fees. We are dedicated to making your rental experience the best out there, from beginning to end.

Prohibited Items




Roof shingles


Kitchen counters





Not Accepted


Household cleaners

Medical Waste




Air conditioning units



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Permit for a 12 Yard Dumpster Rental?

If your dumpster can fit on your driveway or private property, you can likely skip the permit process. The only catch is if your property is governed by an HOA (homeowners association). They may have certain rules against dumpster placements. Therefore, check with your HOA first before committing to a placement spot.

Can I Get My Dumpster Rental First Thing in the Morning?

Unfortunately, Discount Dumpster cannot guarantee any specific drop-off or pickup time. Our drivers work on a tight schedule. Dumpsters get delivered on a first come first serve basis.

Can the 12 Yard Container Fit on My Driveway?

A 12 yard dumpster should be able to fit on most residential driveways. It's design is suited primarily for residential uses and is optimized to operate in that setting. We recommend placing plywood on your driveway before drop off day to prevent any cracks or damage. 

Why Can't I put Refrigerators or AC Units in My Rental?

Refrigerators and AC units contain Freon. Freon is a chemical that can damage the ozone. Freon is not accepted in our dumpsters. Freon appliances should be taken to special disposal facilities. Call your city officials and they can tell you what to do with items like refrigerators or AC units.

Will a 12 Yard Bin be Big Enough for my Project?

As long as the waste you're tossing in the rental weighs under 4000 pounds and doesn't go over the fill line, this dumpster size is for you.

Common projects that pair with a 12 yard dumpster rental are half bath remodels, flooring removal, and general junk removal.

What Happens if My 12 Yard Dumpster is Overfilled?

Overweight dumpsters will result in extra fees per additional ton that exceeds the 4,000 pound limit.

Overfilled dumpsters cannot be picked up and will result in a dry run fee. We will pick up the dumpster once the top has been lowered below the fill line.

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