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"That Was Easy!" Construction Dumpster Rental Service

"That was easy!" are the words we love to hear when working with contractors. Discount Dumpster operates to make waste disposal easy and affordable for every professional, regardless of their project. 

We understand the construction business and know that time is money. To keep each jobsite in order and on time, we take care of the construction dumpster rental so the contractor can focus on getting the project done.

Renting a container from us easily checks waste removal off your list so you can get back to work. The construction dumpster rental process is refined with contractors in mind by having a one-stop-shop for all construction dumpster sizes. 

We work with each contractor to place the container strategically on the jobsite so getting rid of debris is easy and efficient. Just make a call and order the container size that will work best for each one of your sites.
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Every Pro Needs a Discount Dumpster Guy

Nobody likes any process to be hard, especially if you're managing a big project and time is precious. That's when you need a dumpster guy dedicated to you. With Discount Dumpster, you get one point of contact throughout your business relationship with Discount Dumpster. Rather than jump from rep to rep, you deal with one person who takes unique care of your needs.

Whether you're a first-time contractor or an industry pro, your dumpster guy will help you understand every detail of your rental upfront. If you need to plan ahead on a project, you can reserve dumpsters in advance. If your project gets prolonged, your dumpster guy is there to arrange easy swaps.

Have future projects you need to schedule ahead of time? No worries! Call your guy and we'll take care of the logistics.

You can always count on your dumpster guy to get you through your rentals with ease. Call today to partner with your construction dumpster rental guy!


"Hearing our contractors say, 'that was easy' makes my day every time." 
Kasey Conklin
Discount Dumpster Business Relationship Lead
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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Construction Dumpster?

A construction dumpster can cost around $600-$700 based on the national average. Construction and other commercial dumpsters will tend to be within the 20-40 yard range. The specific price of any construction dumpster will vary by region. 

Discount Dumpster always has your back when it comes to keeping your costs down. From organizing the logistics of delivery, dumpster swaps, pick-ups, to flat rate, up-front pricing. We provide a dumpster rental service that specializes in working with large construction debris projects and long-term repeat projects.

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Construction Dumpster Rental Uses:

Concrete Disposal Dumpsters

Concrete disposal is a given when constructing a new commercial property or demolishing an old one. Since concrete is so heavy, contractors like you need specialty inert dumpsters. Our inert dumpster is compact and designed to take on up to 10 tons of heavy waste. 

What you need to know about a concrete dumpster rental

Excavation Projects

When you need to prepare a new construction site, you need to excavate the area of rock and excess dirt. Sometimes clearing the rock and dirt is the project itself. Much like with concrete, our inert heavy box is the way to go. A series of inert bins can hold several tons of dirt and rock easily, giving you a smooth transition from one project to the next.

Learn About Dumpsters for Dirt

Commercial Construction

Commercial construction is always going on. There isn't a time when a company is expanding into a new location, or a new shopping outlet is being planned. When it comes to commercial construction, the dumpster you need depends on the scale of your work. A small commercial construction project could make use of a couple 20 yard dumpsters. Heavy duty construction needs the help of our capable 30 and 40 yard dumpsters. Those monsters are a contractors best friend. No matter the project, our commercial dumpster rental experts are here to help. 

Demolition Work

Demolition and construction go hand-in-hand for many contractors. They don't call it "C&D" for nothing. When handling a demolition project, much like with construction, your dumpster size will depend on your work scale. We typically encourage 30 to 40 yard bins for most demolition work, just to be safe. You never can tell how much debris a demolition will create!

Learn About Demolition Dumpsters

Flooring Work

Commercial renovations will sometimes involve massive flooring work. When you have several yards of flooring material that needs to be junked, a dumpster is always your best bet. Depending on the scale of flooring, construction dumpster rental sizes from 20-30 yards would be perfect. If your flooring project is really big, sometimes a 40 yard may be needed. Your dumpster guy will help you figure that out!

Dumpster Rentals for Flooring Waste

Commercial Cleanouts

Commercial work isn't always just construction and demolition. Sometimes old properties need to be cleaned out entirely before any renovation can start. The layman would be surprised by how many old documents and equipment are left behind when a business closes or a building is condemned. 20 yard dumpsters are a great dumpster size for tossing old documents and leftover furniture. If you need a size up, a 30 yard container rental may be in order.

New Home Construction

New homes are built every year across the nation. New home construction is a decent chunk of contracting work. There are a few dumpster sizes that could help with the debris from building new homes (depending on the size of the home). Small home construction can utilize a 20 yard for the most part. Larger homes will likely need a 30 or 40 yard dumpster. There are even cases where you may need a couple different sizes. No matter the need, your dumpster guy will get everything in order so you don't have to stress.

Roofing Projects

Commercial construction requires roofing work. Any roofing project can be hazardous, which is where special skill and caution come in. Having the right dumpster is also important. Most roofing materials can be heavy, which is where a 15 or 20 yard dumpster would be useful. For special shingles made out of asphalt, inert dumpsters may be needed. As long as you know the shingle material, your Discount Dumpster guy can figure out the rest!

Roll off dumpsters for roofing waste


Spring and summer landscaping projects are high priority for many contractors. Things get complicated with landscaping, as landscaping waste isn't always viewed as "heavy" material. Think about it; digging up and dumping a bunch grass, soil, and dirt will add many tons to the weight of your dumpster. For this reason, a 20 yard dumpster is the best landscaping dumpster on the market. It gives any contractor just enough space and leeway to handle those extra pounds of debris that can't be predicted before-hand. 

Info the Contruction Pros Need to Know About Renting a Dumpster

New Build Construction

When needing a construction dumpster for a newbuild, a 30 yard or 40 yard roll off will work well for you. With ample space and tonnage allowance up to 4 tons, you are able to get rid of maximum amount of construction debris with one haul.

Landscaping Debris

Cleaning up landscaping waste is simple when ordering a construction dumpster rental from us. As spring and summer rolls around, contractors need to have their dumpsters set up ahead of time before peak demand. Of course, that's where Discount Dumpster comes in.

Concrete Disposal

Due to the weight of concrete, 1 ton per square yard of concrete, we carry heavy boxes which are reinforced for the extra weight. By request, a concrete construction dumpster may be provided at a 6 yard or 10 yard dumpster size.

Dumpster Pricing

The quickest and most affordable way to get rid of shingles and roofing material is with a construction dumpster from Discount Dumpster. With a low, flat rate priced container, you can dispose of all roofing materials in one place.
Construction dumpster rental
Commercial roll off containers work for small and large-scale construction developments. Discount Dumpster offers a variety of dumpsters designed to make your jobsite run more efficiently from the get go. With a focus on customer service, we make sure every contractor gets their dumpster on time and placed where they need it. To get started today, schedule a temporary construction dumpster rental to be delivered.

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