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What Can Go in a Dumpster?

Review Our Guidelines for Materials Not Accepted in a Dumpster Rental

Things to Keep Out of Your Dumpster

Though a roll off dumpster accepts most debris, there are a few things which are prohibited from being placed in the container. Be sure to review the list of these items prior to starting your junk removal job. 

Prohibited Items

Electronics and Batteries

Electronics and Bаttеrіеѕ аrе nоt аllоwеd tо bе thrоwn оut іntо a rented dumpster. Their components, such as lead, mercury, and nickel, are toxic to people and hazardous to the environment. 


Like all other electronics, microwaves are not allowed in your dumpster container. Microwave ovens contain e-waste that release toxins into the air. The chemicals also sink into dirt and contaminate groundwater. After it makes its way into rivers and streams, the toxic waste can get into our bodies and cause respiratory health problems and birth defects in children.

Motor Oil and Gasoline

Motor oil should not be placed in your roll off rental. It's a very toxic substance. A tiny amount can pollute thousands of gallons of drinking water. It is possible to recycle and reuse motor oil. 

Wet Paint

Liquid paint is hazardous to the environment. It could contaminate ground water and soil. It is also flammable and has the ability to ignite and cause forest fires. Aside from the environmental and health hazards, our drivers could hit a bump and spill paint along the highway.


Computers are not allowed to be placed in your roll off dumpster. They contain hazardous materials that can harm the environment, like aluminum, copper, and gold. Sadly, only a small percentage of computers and tablets are properly recycled a year. 


Tires are considered hazardous due to their rubber makeup. Rubber will not break down properly over time, which leads to degradation issues in landfills. Also, over time, tires will build up methane gas and eventually release it into the atmosphere.

Medical Waste

Medical waste that is potentially infectious poses hazards to sanitation workers. Any medically related item that can infect personnel must be disposed of via the properly regulated methods. 

Household Chemicals

Household chemical items like cleaners, bleach, detergents, sanitizers, and more, should never be placed in dumpster rental. The reasons are pretty straightforward: these are hazardous chemicals that do not belong in landfills. If you can't throw it in your regular trash, then you can't throw it in a dumpster.

Hot Water Tanks

Hot water tanks are considered a bulky appliance. Most large household appliances are not allowed in your dumpster due to weight limitations. Also, the empty spaces in the tanks create an environment for dangerous gases to collect inside. 

Propane Tanks

Propane tanks are combustible and dangerous to handle in a landfill. Even if the tank seems empty, trace amounts of propane can remain inside and the slightest spark can set it alite. Propane tanks generally require disposal at a hazardous waste facility. You can also contact the propane company or your local fire department for possible collection.

Freon Appliances

Freon appliances like refrigerators and AC units are not allowed in any dumpster rental. First off, these are considered bulky appliances, which are generally not allowed across the board. Also, Freon is a hazardous chemical that can damage the ozone layer. Even if you drain the Freon from these appliances, trace amounts can remain and leak out.

Allowed Materials

Household Junk

Everyone has a big decluttering project at some point. This being the case, household junk is generally accepted. We have residential dumpsters perfectly suited to handle excess junk from your home. 

Yard Waste

Yard waste is mostly accepted in our residential and hybrid dumpsters. Only very select regions have restrictions against yard waste. We do ask you specify the types of yard waste you will be dealing with, just to make sure you get the right size for your disposal needs.

Residential and Construction Waste

We offer dumpsters that can specialize in either residential or commercial projects. We even offer hybrid dumpsters that can be used for residential and commercial purposes. Your dumpster guy will match you with the best dumpster based on your project. No matter the effort, we have a dumpster for you.

Wood Scraps

Wood scraps are typically fine for disposal in your dumpster rental. The only exception may be if the wood is treated with chemicals of any kind. This is usually only in very specific regions. You will be made aware if treated wood is not accepted in your service area.

Roofing Debris

When you have to work on a roof, a dumpster rental is your best friend. We offer dumpsters for many types of roofing projects, small or large. Some shingles types, such as asphalt, will be heavy and could require a specialty dumpster designed for heavy waste. 

Disaster Debris

Natural disasters are an unfortunate aspect of our world. When major storms, fires, or earthquakes devastate an area, dumpsters are on the frontlines of recovery. Our dumpsters have worked hard over the years when helping communities affected by disaster and will continue to do so.

Items that Might Be Accepted

Mattresses and Box Springs

Mattresses and box springs are accepted in some service areas, yet not others. Some areas will only accept them with additional fees attached. This depends on the specific hauling and dumping rules of each locality. If you reside in an area where mattresses and box springs are not allowed, we can help direct you to proper disposal methods. 


Furniture, much like mattresses and box springs, is accepted in some areas and not in others. This mainly depends on the furniture type, especially if it is upholstered. Our staff will help you determine if furniture is accepted in your area or not.

Heavy Debris

Materials like concrete, rock, dirt, and brick are classified as heavy materials and require special dumpsters for their disposal. Some service areas may have availability issues or may have specific rules against putting heavy waste in a dumpster. Let our staff know what heavy waste you are disposing of and then we can determine whether it will be allowed or not.

Flooring Materials

Most flooring materials are fine for disposal in a dumpster. However, there are certain flooring materials that are not allowed in most service areas. These include materials like vinyl and laminate flooring. For any flooring project, make sure to specify what type of material you are tossing to ensure we can accept it.

Regional Prohibited Items

Certain localities will have area-specific prohibited items that are not generally listed. These items can vary wildly, as they are prohibited based on the specific rules of your local government.

The Houston, TX, area, for example, has a strict rule against placing any aluminum cans in your dumpster. This item is usually fine for disposal in most other localities, yet not Houston.

Kansas City has a prohibition against buckets being placed in a dumpster. San Jose, CA, does not allow any treated wood for disposal. You probably get the point.

Long story short, always ask your representative about any potential prohibited items specific to your region. The more you know beforehand, the less hassle you have to deal with later on!

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