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Portable Restroom Rentals to Compliment Roll Off Dumpsters
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Portable Restrooms Go Hand-in-Hand With Dumpster Rentals!

More often than not, professional contractors need portable restrooms on their job site as much as they need dumpsters. There aren’t exactly any cushy bathrooms lying around on a construction site or landscaping plot!

When you call to rent a dumpster for your next big contract, always ask about porta-potty services. We can easily provide portable restrooms along with our dumpsters!

Just like our dumpster rental services, our portable restroom services are affordable and easy. At Discount Dumpster, we understand that professional contractors are busy bodies and rely on streamlined and easy service to complete their projects smoothly.

When you’re ready to start your next big contract, give Discount Dumpster a call! We will provide both dumpsters and portable restrooms in one flat-rate order. You can’t get any easier than that!
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Top Quality Contractors Need Top Quality Service

No professional contractor should deal with hassle and run-arounds. When you’re planning and executing major projects on a schedule, you don’t have time to deal with unnecessary complications.

Discount Dumpster believes that professional contractors need professional waste management partners. That’s why we have created a streamlined business model that makes things simple from the get-go!

When you call to place an order, you will be assigned one point of contact throughout the entire process. No bouncing around from one rep to another!

We believe this is important, especially for professional contractors. Wouldn’t you prefer to deal with the same person you talked to from the start rather than a different person who doesn’t know you or your needs?

Our competitors may have lost their human element, yet we certainly haven’t. Call today and get set up with a personal inside dumpster guy or gal to get your project started!

"Having diverse and personalized services is what keeps our professional clientele coming back time and again!" 
Alyssa Lechuga
Discount Dumpster Inside Sales Manager
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How Much do Portable Restrooms Cost to Rent?

A portable restroom rental typically costs around $200-$300 based on national averages. Porta-potty rental periods extend to one month and come with weekly servicing. Prices will vary by region and availability, yet will always come at a flat-rate with no hidden fees.

Discount Dumpster strives to make every aspect of our rental process easy and affordable. Our team of dumpster guys and gals work tirelessly to ensure you get the best service for your time and budget.

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What Types of Projects Need Portable Restrooms?

Commercial Construction

Commercial construction sites rely on portable restrooms. Porta-potties are a staple of construction sites, preventing unnecessary trips to the local gas station (if they’d even have a bathroom). Portable restrooms are offered alongside dumpster rentals for commercial construction projects.

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Demolition Cleanups

Much like construction sites, demolition sites need portable toilets. It's not the actual demolition that generates the most work; it's the cleanup. Some demolition cleanups can stretch for days or weeks, so having portable restrooms on site is crucial to getting the job done quickly!

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Landscaping projects take many forms, yet a bulk of them will take place in vacant land in preparation for new construction. Portable restrooms definitely make large landscaping efforts easier. This is especially true if your work takes place far from an urban area!

Excavation Projects

Excavation projects can be intense. It involves digging rock and dirt up by the tons, which takes time and often happens at remote job sites. Having portable restrooms is a given for excavation work (since there aren’t any public bathrooms in the middle of nowhere).

New Home Construction

New home construction needs portable restrooms. While you wouldn’t necessarily be working in a remote location, the home you’re working on is still being built (no plumbing). You could ask one of the homes in the neighborhood if you could use their bathrooms, yet don’t be surprised if most turn you down!

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Commercial Cleanouts

Commercial cleanouts can be an ongoing process. Some cleanups can be quick, others can take time. For ongoing commercial property cleanouts, especially in defunct property, having portable restrooms on site will add convenience to the job.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing can be large jobs to take on. Ongoing commercial roofing work will benefit from portable restrooms, especially for properties that haven’t had their plumbing turned on!

 Dumpsters for Roofing Waste

What You Need to Know About Portable Restroom Rentals

Portable Restroom Pricing

All portable restrooms are rented at a flat-rate price. The price of your portable will be included in your dumpster rental order in one neat invoice that lists all costs up-front. There are no hidden fees or catches at the end of your rental.

Portable Restroom Servicing

Along with a generous rental period, a weekly emptying service will be provided. This service cost is included in the price of the portable restroom. A servicing truck will come by once a week to empty the portable(s) at no extra cost.

Portable Restroom Rental Period

A standard rental period for portable restrooms is around one month. Portables can always be returned early. However, the portables will need to be serviced and empty before pickup.

Portable Restroom Offerings

Much like our dumpster rentals, availability of portable restrooms will be based on your service area. Availability may be high or low depending on the market. Our team will inform you of availability and work accordingly toward providing you with what you need.
Portable Restroom Rental from Discount Dumpster
As mentioned, portable restrooms go hand-in-hand with dumpster rentals for commercial contracting work. When you reserve your dumpster, you will also be offered a portable as a compliment. Discount Dumpster wants all of your large projects to go smoothly and will provide the best services to boost your contracting efficiency. Call us today to get your portable restroom rentals set up alongside your dumpster rentals!

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