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How to Rent a Dumpster: A Guide

What you should know about renting a roll off dumpster

Discount Dumpster Makes Renting a Dumpster Easy

Learn How to Get More Gone for Less. 

At Discount Dumpster, our number one goal is to create a great customer experience when renting a roll off dumpster. We do this by creating a simple process for each customer who picks up their phone to call us.  With many years of experience, our team has come together to create guides to help each customer pick the correct dumpster for their project. Take a look at the articles, visuals, and posts we have created to make every dumpster rental experience fast and easy from the start.

The Four Steps to Rent a Dumpster with Discount Dumpster

Call Us With Your Project Information

Give us a call with your project information so we can better understand your needs.

Paired with a Dumpster Based on Budget

You will be paired with a dumpster that is right for your budget and project needs.

Schedule Delivery for Your Dumpster

We give you timeframes when your dumpster can be delivered and you simply choose your date.

Get Ready for Automatic Pickup

Once your work is finished, we swing by for automatic pickup on the designated date.

How to Get the Best Dumpster Rental Prices

Dumpster pricing can often be confusing for many. The fact is, there is no universal price for dumpster rentals. Prices are always going to vary by size and location. 

For example, a 10 yard dumpster rental will cost less than a 20 yard. Also, a 10 yard dumpster in Omaha, Nebraska, will cost less than a 10 yard in Los Angeles, California.

Since pricing is so diverse and confusing, we've taken the liberty of streamlining dumpster prices for you! Not only do all of our dumpsters come at a flat-rate price, we have broken down pricing specifics so you get an idea of what they are before you give us a call! 

National Dumpster Rental Prices

Read our guide on dumpster rental prices nation-wide. 

Learn More About Dumpster Rental Prices

What Are the Costs to Rent a Dumpster?

Read our guide dumpster rental costs and what to expect with prices. 

Learn More About Dumpster Rental Costs

Dumpster Rental Pricing Factors

Read our guide on the factors of dumpster rental pricing.

Learn More About Dumpster Pricing Factors

Info You'll Provide When Renting a Dumpster

What our support team will ask you when you call. 

Questions We'll Help You Solve on Your Call

In one phone call we'll help you with the following logistics...

How to Choose the Right Dumpster Rental Size

Choosing the right dumpster size can be tricky, especially if you've never used a dumpster before. Choosing the right size isn't as hard as you think!

The size you need will always revolve around the size of your project and what you're throwing away. If you're only doing a simple household junk removal project, a 10 yard dumpster is more than sufficient. If you need to do a whole-home remodel, a size like a 30 yard would be recommended.

If you're lost on how to choose the right dumpster size, have no fear! Discount Dumpster is here to help you through the process in more ways than one.

Available Dumpster Sizes

Our resource will help you understand the dumpster sizes Discount Dumpster keeps in its inventory.

Learn About Our the Dumpster Sizes We Offer

How to Choose the Right Size Dumpster

Our guide will help you learn how to choose the right dumpster size for your project, big or small.

Learn About Choosing the Right Dumpster Size

How to Find the Right Dumpster Service for Your Waste Management Project

Knowing how to choose the right dumpster rental company for any project is crucial to getting started. Knowing how a dumpster rental works, as well as how to choose the right rental company, is not something everyone knows off-hand.

That's where Discount Dumpster comes in! Here we provide the resources you need to know about the process of dumpster rentals so you can make the most informed decision! 

The Best Way to Throw Away

Looking to dispose of a certain type of material? Perfect! We put together a calculator that helps you select which material you are looking to throw out and guides you on best ways to dispose of it. With this guide, you'll know exactly the types of waste can and can't go in a dumpster. The more you know, the better prepared you are come cleanup time! 

Complete Waste Disposal Guide

Our complete guide to waste disposal will teach you everything you need to know about how to dispose of certain waste items. Click the link to learn more.

Learn More About Waste Disposal Options for Every Material
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