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Preston Dunn, Co-Founder

Meet Preston Dunn, Co-Founder of Discount Dumpster

Career Highlights/Overview

Preston started Discount Dumpster with his brother-in-law, Justin, and father-in-law, Dave. Surveying the roll off dumpster industry, the founding team saw vision and opportunity in the disjointed industry.

Realizing that most consumers weren’t experienced with the roll off industry, and most roll off dumpster hauling companies are experienced with consumers, Discount Dumpster was formed to revolutionize the dumpster service industry. As the company grew, so did its service offerings, and today, Discount Dumpster serves the construction industry to streamline waste and job site services.


Prior to Discount Dumpster, Preston led teams in the commercial real estate industry, providing corporate office solutions to organizations across the country. Preston’s experience in corporate real estate provided experience working with different types of people and organizations while negotiating real estate transactions for office space. In 2018, Preston transitioned from V.P. at CBRE, Inc. to Co-Founder of Discount Dumpster.

Fun Facts

Outside of business, Preston is working on his masters’ degree at Southwestern to improve his ability to lead several non-profit organizations. Preston enjoys spending time with his wife and four children, which are the most important part of his life. Preston and his family enjoy roller coasters, ropes courses, rock climbing, and hiking in the mountains as often as possible.


Preston earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from Baylor University with a dual major in finance and real estate. 

Image of Preston Dunn, co-founder of Discount Dumpster
Preston Dunn, Co-Founder of Discount Dumpster
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