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Get a Dumpster Rental in Greenville in 5 Simple Steps

Discount Dumpster offers the most affordable waste management service in the Greenville area. We've broken down our rental process into these five easy steps:

  1. Call for a free quote: Your custom quote includes all taxes and fees.
  2. Choose the dumpster size for your project: You can pick the dumpster size you need. We have five options that are great for any cleanup. 
  3. Schedule delivery: Just let us know what day you want to start your project on and we'll bring your dumpster right to your home or job site. 
  4. Fill it up: Our rental periods start at 2 weeks and can be extended for as long as you need. 
  5. Schedule pickup: When you're done, just give us a call and we'll come pick your container up.

Our team will work with you every step of the way to make the dumpster rental process as easy as possible!

Why Discount Dumpster?

Free dumpster delivery
No hidden fees
Excellent customer service
Dumpster sizes from 10-40 yards
Family-owned business
Military discounts

Greenville Dumpster Rental Sizes

An image of a 10-yard roll off dumpster rental by Discount Dumpster

10 Yard Dumpster

(6 feet wide, 12 feet long, 4 feet tall)
*Dimensions may vary
Holds 2 Tons
  • Residential projects
  • Yard waste removal
  • Household junk removal
  • Garage cleanouts
Call For Pricing: (855)-573-DUMP
An image of a 15 yard dumpster rental size

15 Yard Dumpster

(8 feet wide, 16 feet long, 4 feet tall)
*Dimensions may vary
Holds 2 Tons
  • Stump removal
  • Shed tear-downs
  • Tree branch clearing
  • Small home renovations
Call For Pricing: (855)-573-DUMP
An image of a 20 yard dumpster rental size

20 Yard Dumpster

(8 feet wide, 20 feet long, 4 feet tall)
*Dimensions may vary
Holds 3 Tons
  • Roofing shingles
  • Landscaping waste
  • Windowpane removal
  • Residential construction project
Call For Pricing: (855)-573-DUMP
An image of a 30 yard dumpster rental size

30 Yard Dumpster

(8 feet wide, 22 feet long, 6 feet tall)
*Dimensions may vary
Holds 3 Tons
  • Commercial projects
  • Office cleanouts
  • Community festivals
  • Medium demolition cleanup
Call For Pricing: (855)-573-DUMP
Image of a construction worker standing in front of a 40 yard dumpster. Dumpster is blue showing the dimensions of

40 Yard Dumpster

(8 feet wide, 24 feet long, 8 feet tall)
*Dimensions may vary
Holds 4 Tons
  • Large construction projects
  • Bulky waste cleanup
  • Disaster preparation
  • Construction debris
Call For Pricing: (855)-573-DUMP
An image of an inert roll off dumpster rental

Inert Dumpster

(6 feet wide, 12 feet long, 4 feet tall)
*Dimensions will vary
Holds 10 Tons
  • Large amounts of heavy materials
  • Concrete waste disposal
  • Brick and grout removal
  • Rock and dirt excavation
Call For Pricing: (855)-573-DUMP

Common Uses for a Trash Container

Trash removal – Kitchen remodels – Carpeting work – Roofing projects – Home projects – Yard debris – Demolitions – Construction sites – Clean Ups



Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM - 7:30 PM EST
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM EST
Sunday: CLOSED
*Delivery/Pickup hours may vary

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Greenville's Most Trusted Dumpster Rental Service

Discount Dumpster has proudly served the Greenville community with budget-friendly dumpster rentals since 2018. Our rentals have helped complete many residential and commercial projects. No matter what size project you have, we have the right size dumpster for you!

Should I Choose a Junk Hauling Service?

A junk hauling service is the best option if you're looking to dispose of specialty items that won't easily fit into a dumpster container. However, junk haulers typically charge per trip, so multiple trips could get expensive.

A dumpster rental service is usually more affordable than a junk hauling service. With a dumpster rental, you'll have a more flexible rental period to get your work done. You can easily work at your own pace, without feeling rushed by a junk hauler.

Service Areas Near Greenville

We deliver dumpsters all around the Greenville area, including:

  • Taylors
  • Greer
  • Easley

Give us a call today to see if we deliver to your location in or near Greenville, SC.

What is the Cost to Rent a Dumpster in Greenville?

Affordable Roll Off Dumpsters in Greenville

The price of a dumpster rental in Greenville, SC depends on several different factors. These factors include: weight limit, dumpster size, your location, and the length of your rental period. When you call us, we will provide you with a custom quote that is within your budget.

Every quote includes all transportation fees, landfills fees, and taxes. You'll know the price of your rental upfront, so you never have to worry about any hidden fees.


Renting a roll off for your home projects

Are Permits Required for Dumpster Rentals in Greenville?

Permits are only typically needed when placing a dumpster on a public-right-of-way such as a street. Private property placements usually don't need permits. However, if your property is governed by an HOA, they may have specific rules regarding dumpster placement. Check with them first before committing to a placement spot.

Are there Prohibited Items That Can't Be Placed in a Dumpster Rental?

There are various hazardous materials that cannot be allowed for disposal in your rental. Examples of these items include:

  • Batteries
  • Tires
  • Electronics
  • Chemicals
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Paint
  • Oils
  • Pesticides
  • Large Appliances
  • Freon Appliances
  • Gasoline

There are even area-specific prohibited materials such as food waste and light ballasts. If you need to dispose of any of the listed items, you will need to find alternative disposal methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Discount Dumpster Open on Saturday in Greenville?

Our office and phone lines are available between the hours of 10 AM - 4:30 PM on Saturday. However, we do not offer Saturday delivery in Greenville, SC, unfortunately. 

Why Can't I Dispose of Electronics in My Dumpster?

In short, electronics are hazardous waste that cannot be broken down properly in landfills. Their parts will not degrade naturally and can potentially release toxic materials into the ground soil, affecting the local environment negatively. If you must dispose of electronics during your project, you will need to find alternate means of disposal such as a recycling facility

What Happens When I Fill My Dumpster to the Top?

Filling your dumpster to the top can cause a number of complications. The most important of these complications being road safety. If the dumpster is filled too high, debris can scatter and fall off the hauling truck which puts drivers and pedestrians at risk. Therefore, our haulers will likely refuse to pick up any bin filled too high. This, in turn, will add costly trip fees to your final bill.

Is Landscaping Waste Allowed in My Dumpster?

For the most part, yes. The only landscaping material that we typically do not allow is SOD (top ground soil with grass attached). SOD is tricky to dispose of in certain conditions, especially when wet from rain or watering. Therefore, we tend not to allow SOD to save our haulers and landfills the hassle.

Are there Additional Fees for Water Weight?

Unfortunately, the likely answer is yes. Any additional weight over the allotted bin allowance will accrue additional charges per extra ton. Water weight from rain is no exception. There are easy ways to avoid this, however. If your area expects heavy rains during your rental period, cover your container with a tarp to prevent rain water intrusion.

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