Roll Off Dumpster Rental in Monument, CO

Dumpster Rental in Monument, CO

Discount Dumpster is Monument's Reliable Dumpster Company

How Rent a Roll Off Container in Monument, CO

Discount Dumpster streamlines the waste removal process for your home or job site in Colorado Springs, CO, and the surrounding region. The rental process can easily be broken down in four steps:

  • Give our office a call in Monument for local service
  • We’ll work with you to find the right dumpster and schedule delivery
  • You can fill the dumpster with approved materials in your own time
  • We will come pickup your container when you’re done

Whether you’re landscaping your backyard, renovating your kitchen, or managing a professional construction site, we have the roll off dumpster you need. Just describe the project, and our helpful team will have your dumpster delivered in a flash.

Why Discount Dumpster?

Free dumpster delivery
Professional customer service
Wide variety of dumpster sizes
Lowest rate in the region
Top notch dumpster rental service
Locally owned and operated

Monument Dumpster Rental Sizes

An image of a 10-yard roll off dumpster rental by Discount Dumpster

10 Yard Dumpster

(6 feet wide, 12 feet long, 4 feet tall)
*Dimensions may vary
  • Commercial dumpster
  • Children's playsets
  • Broken lawn ornaments
  • Stairway enhancements
Call For Pricing: 719-419-6500
An image of a 15 yard dumpster rental size

15 Yard Dumpster

(8 feet wide, 16 feet long, 4 feet tall)
*Dimensions may vary
  • Shingles from a roof
  • Full backyard shed demolition
  • Treehouse demo
  • Driveway repair
Call For Pricing: 719-419-6500
An image of a 20 yard dumpster rental size

20 Yard Dumpster

(8 feet wide, 20 feet long, 4 feet tall)
*Dimensions may vary
  • Multiple room remodeling
  • All aspects of kitchen renovation
  • All area carpet tearing
  • Small construction projects
Call For Pricing: 719-419-6500
An image of a 30 yard dumpster rental size

30 Yard Dumpster

(8 feet wide, 22 feet long, 6 feet tall)
*Dimensions may vary
  • Lightweight construction material
  • Office space demo
  • Foreclosure clean outs
  • Neighborhood community cleanup
Call For Pricing: 719-419-6500
40 yard dumpster size from Discount Dumpster

40 Yard Dumpster

(8 feet wide, 24 feet long, 8 feet tall)
*Dimensions may vary
  • Citywide organized litter pickup
  • Highway trash pickup
  • Commercial demolition
  • Full building breakdown
Call For Pricing: 719-419-6500
An image of an inert dumpster rental size

Inert Dumpster

(6 feet wide, 12 feet long, 3 feet tall)
*Dimensions may vary
  • Cement disposal
  • Brick removal
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Dirt and gravel
Call For Pricing: 719-419-6500

Common Uses for a Roll Off Container

Remodels — Junk removal — Demolitions — Furniture removal — Roofing debris — Driveway repair — Storm cleanup



Discount Dumpster Service Area Colorado Springs

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 6:00 AM - 5:30 PM MST
Saturday: 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM MST
Sunday: CLOSED
*Delivery/Pickup hours may vary

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What Would Suit You Better? Dumpster Rentals or a Hauler?

Renting a dumpster is the prime option for most home cleaning or construction projects. When you get a roll off trash bin, you can safely dispose of a large amount of waste. You’ll be relieved to know you won't have to drive back and forth to a landfill yourself.

An on-site dumpster allows for a safe and efficient workflow. Once you’re done filling it, we’ll take care of hauling it away so you can focus on the rest of your project.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Dumpster in Monument?

We make the roll off container rental process simple. We quote flat-rate prices for our bins, and the cost for each one depends on its size. You don’t have to worry about any unexpected fees or hidden charges.

As long as the contents in the dumpster aren't flowing over the walls or scattered with hazardous objects, you'll only pay the flat rate quote. You’ll have 14 days to fill your bin, and longer prorated rental periods are available if you need them on short notice.


Renting a roll off for your home projects

Do I Need Permits for a Dumpster Rental in Monument, CO?

You don't have to call your local authorities at all! Permits are not required for dumpster placements in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. The only ones you may need to call in this regard is a local HOA, if your project falls under its jurisdiction. However, if you desire a mixed-heavy bin, it cannot be placed in the street.

Will the Sales Rep Let me Know What I Can't Put in the Dumpster?

We want to fill you in ahead of time about contents that cannot go in your roll off dumpster rental. While our containers are a great option for a wide variety of materials, some items need to be disposed of differently.

El Paso County rules and EPA regulations require the proper disposal or recycling of hazardous materials. Items that can’t go in a dumpster include:

  • Paints
  • Firearms
  • Gardening chemicals
  • Fluorescent light bulbs
  • Car oils
  • Tires
  • Fuels
  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Electronics
  • Fertilizers

If you have SOD to dispose of, we can allow it in a 20-yard bin.

For a full rundown of items that have special handling information on disposal or recycling options, check out the link below.

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