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Roll Off Dumpster Rental in Whitehall, OH

Dumpster Rental in Whitehall, OH

Roll Off Container Rental in the Greater Columbus, OH, Area

Your Whitehall Bin Rental

When people have waste to dispose of, they usually don’t jump for joy at the idea of renting a dumpster, but when you rent with Discount Dumpster, maybe you should. For the residents of the greater Columbus, OH area, we make your dumpster rental experience stress-free, easy, and FUN!

We’re Ready to Deliver Your Dumpster Rental

We deliver your dumpster during a 12-hour timeframe and promptly pick it up when you are finished. We offer a variety of container sizes which means that we can take care of any sized mess and our flat rate quotes give you the peace of mind of knowing that you will not go over your budget. We consider our Discount Dumpster clients family, and we look forward to having you become a part of ours. Call us at (614) 347-9991 today and find out how we can help you get rid of your unwanted material and waste.

Why Discount Dumpster?

Free delivery
Stress-free rental
Our prices are low
Flat-rate quotes
Multiple container sizes
We love our clients!

Whitehall Dumpster Rental Sizes

Man standing in front of a 10 yard residential dumpster rental approximately 4 pickup truck loads in size

10 Yard Dumpster

(6 feet wide, 12 feet long, 4 feet tall)
*Dimensions may vary
  • Heavy items like brick and cement
  • Dirt and sod
  • General junk removal
  • Moving
Call For Pricing: (614) 347-9991
Man standing in front of a 15 yard roll off dumpster rental approximately 6 pickup truck loads in size

15 Yard Dumpster

(8 feet wide, 16 feet long, 4 feet tall)
*Dimensions may vary
  • Shelfing
  • Tiles
  • Cardboard
  • Cleaning the garage
Call For Pricing: (614) 347-9991
Man standing in front of a 20 yard residential dumpster rental approximately 8 pickup truck loads in size

20 Yard Dumpster

(8 feet wide, 20 feet long, 4 feet tall)
*Dimensions may vary
  • Kitchen remodels
  • Roofing projects
  • Household furniture
  • Siding
Call For Pricing: (614) 347-9991
Man standing in front of a 30 yard construction dumpster approximately 12 pickup truck loads in size

30 Yard Dumpster

(8 feet wide, 22 feet long, 6 feet tall)
*Dimensions may vary
  • Bulky, lightweight material
  • Community events
  • Flood or fire restoration
  • Whole home remodels
Call For Pricing: (614) 347-9991
Man standing in front of a 40 yard construction roll off dumpster approximately 14 pickup truck loads in size

40 Yard Dumpster

(8 feet wide, 24 feet long, 8 feet tall)
*Dimensions may vary
  • Loading docks
  • Weather disasters
  • Commercial construction
  • Fix and flips
Call For Pricing: (614) 347-9991

Common Uses for Roll Off Rental

General junk removal — Moving — Cleaning the garage — Household furniture — Whole home remodels — Loading docks — Fix and flips



Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM - 7:30 PM EST
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM EST
Sunday: CLOSED
*Delivery/Pickup hours may vary

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Should I Choose a Roll Off Container Rental or a Junk Removal Service?

The best choice of waste removal methods depends on the job that you are completing. Roll off containers are less expensive than hiring a waste pick up service so if you have a budget that you need to stick to than dumpster rental might be best for you.

Also, if you prefer to do complete a project on your own time a dumpster rental is likely the choice for you because when you rent a dumpster you are able to arrange a time to have the dumpster delivered. You can then fill the container as you complete your job and when you are finished disposing of your waste, you call us to have it picked up. It’s easy!

How Much Does a Roll Off Container Cost?

What Should I Budget for Whitehall Container Rental?

The easiest way to find out what it will cost to rent a dumpster is to give us a call. We provide immediate quotes based on your rental needs and our dumpster prices depend on the size of the container that you need, the weight of the material and where you are located. Discount dumpster always offers a flat rate service which includes all taxes and fees and a 14-day rental period.


Renting a roll off for your home projects

Permit Requirements in Whitehall, OH

Most residential neighborhoods Whitehall, OH, allow you to have a rented dumpster without a permit as long as the dumpster is stored on your own private property. If you are placing the dumpster on public property, a permit is required. Visit the City of Whitehall website to learn more. In many cases, if you already have a building permit the permit for your dumpster is included.

What Cannot Go in a Dumpster?

Please be aware that here are some objects that cannot be placed in a dumpster. Hazardous materials such as wet paint, oil, asbestos, sealed tanks/drums, electronics (e-waste), and tires must be disposed of in the local landfill.

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