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How to Turn Your Basement into a Home Gym

Last Updated: April 3, 2024

How to Turn Your Basement into a Home Gym

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When COVID-19 hit in 2020, gyms across the country closed down, leaving daily gym users out of luck. Yet, with this virus on the scene, it became even more important to stay in shape and get daily exercise.

Enter the home basement gym! During lockdown, millions took unused space in their homes and installed treadmills, elliptical trainers, weight sets, and yoga mats.

Why Turn the Basement into a Home Gym?

During the pandemic, spending on health and fitness equipment more than doubled. Treadmill sales jumped 135% and stationary bikes tripled sales. This extreme jump in purchases has cooled a bit, but experts predict increased demand to last past 2023.

What makes a home gym so attractive?

  • Save on gym membership fees and childcare costs.
  • You get round-the-clock access.
  • It contains all your equipment, keeping it from cluttering your main living space.
  • It’s safer for families with young children and pets.
  • You’ll have fewer distractions.
  • Choose your own music—or none at all!
  • Add meditation time to your workout without the clatter and chatter of a big gym environment.
  • Your whole family can join in. Workout at any time with your spouse or partner, and your children.

How to Turn Your Basement into a Home Gym

Is your unfinished basement sitting unused and empty? Or is it cluttered up with boxes, broken furniture, and long-forgotten projects? It’s time to turn that space into one that is functional and will improve your health!

An infographic detailing how to turn a basement into a home gym
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1. Clear Out the Clutter

You can’t put together a great home gym if you have stacks of unpacked moving boxes, old toys, and other clutter. Gather some trash bags, empty boxes, cleaning supplies, a broom, and your vacuum. Toss out anything that is broken or you don’t use anymore. Once all the clutter is cleared out, give the space a good cleaning.

2. Finish and Paint Your Walls

Many basements have unfinished concrete walls. You can finish them with drywall or just leave them as is. Either way, add paint to your walls that enhance your workout routines.

Want an energetic color to motivate you? Choose reds, oranges, or yellow. Looking for a zen place for yoga and meditation? Stick with shades of blue or light greens. Want your gym to feel bright and clean? You can’t go wrong with a bright white. Or mix it up with a couple of neutral-colored walls, a mirrored wall, and a vibrant accent wall.

3. Evaluate Your Flooring

Placing your home gym equipment on old shag carpeting or on a concrete slab simply won’t work. The floor needs to be level and covered with a material that can absorb the impact of dropped weights, is durable, shock absorbent, and easy to clean. The best flooring option is interlocking foam tiles or rubber mats. This is more comfortable for you and will help protect your basement floor.

4. Upgrade Your Lighting

Fix dim basement lighting with a few upgrades. Add accent and task lighting. Track lights are a great choice because you can adjust them to shine on specific equipment or areas of your home gym.

Mirrors on one or more walls increase the amount of light in your space and give a great aesthetic to the space. They also let you to watch your posture, form, and technique while working out.

5. Keep Cool with Proper Ventilation

A basement can get stuffy with small windows and no door to the outside. Windows that open can solve this problem, but if that is not possible, you can add extra ducts that connect to your home’s heating and cooling systems.

A well-ventilated space prevents overheating, excessive sweating, and poor air quality. It keeps moisture down in the space, preventing mold and mildew growth and damage to your workout equipment.

6. Purchase Your Gym Equipment

You may already have various pieces of equipment around your home. Now you can gather everything together in one space. Even better, creating a home gym allows you to get new equipment, such as a weight rack and bench, Peloton bike, or rowing machine. If you are on a budget, look for used equipment. You can find great deals on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

7. Load in Your Equipment

With some extra space to spread out, you can create the home gym of your dreams. Before placing your exercise equipment in your basement, ensure you have enough electrical outlets. Add in some storage cabinets, shelves, and baskets to keep everything organized and clutter-free.

8. Invest in Some Good Sound and Video Equipment

If your budget allows it, purchase a large screen television and a quality sound system. With a TV in the room, you can workout to a stretching video, learn the best deadlift techniques, or simply watch a movie while you’re walking on the treadmill. A sound system lets you listen to music, which has been shown to reduce fatigue, improve your mood, and boost your athletic performance.

9. Finish Your Home Gym Set Up with some Final Touches

Nice additions to your home gym include a mini-fridge, art on the walls, and a white board. Add some artificial plants that won’t suffer from the lack of sunlight and some fans to keep you cool. Get some jump ropes and a yoga mat for specialized exercise.

Create Your Dream Basement Home Gym

One of the benefits of going to a gym outside of your home is the availability of different types of equipment. You don’t have to give that up when you transition to a home gym. Choose equipment that gives you lots of options for various types of movements and exercise.

Creating a home gym in your basement allows you to customize the space exactly how you want. Always wanted a rower? Now you can have one. Want to workout with your spouse? Get two sets of weights. The sky is the limit!

Discount Dumpster Helps You Clean Out Your Basement

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