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Do You Need a Roll Off Dumpster Permit in Atlanta?

Last Updated: January 19, 2024

Do You Need a Roll Off Dumpster Permit in Atlanta?

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Renting a dumpster is an easy process, but there are a few things to be aware of. One is whether or not you need a permit. In the Atlanta area, the answer to this question hinges on where your dumpster is delivered. When you call us to order your dumpster and schedule delivery, we’ll talk with you about placement of your dumpster container. Depending on your specific location, you may need a permit or street delivery may not be available.

Are Dumpster Permits Necessary for Cities like Atlanta?

Despite some areas of the U.S. seeing a slowdown in new construction, Atlanta bucked that national trend last year. New residential building permits rose 19%, making it the fifth most active area of the country. In addition, Atlanta residents continue to stay busy with home renovation projects, spending 15% more than previous years.

What do all these projects have in common? They all need a good waste removal plan, and for most, that means a dumpster rental. In larger cities such as Atlanta, it is crucial both that customers can easily rent a dumpster and that the city is able to responsibly manage public safety and environmental concerns. This focus often involves permit requirements and some limitations on placement of the dumpster container and the duration of the rental period.

Do You Need a Roll off Dumpster Permit in Atlanta?

The ideal placement for a rental dumpster is on your own private property, such as a driveway, side yard, or private parking lot. If this type of access area is not available, you may need to have the dumpster container placed on the street in front of your property.

But you’ll need a permit for this type of placement. In Atlanta, there are several requirements to meet to be approved for a dumpster rental permit. These include submitting an explanation of the location, barricades, traffic cones, and reflector sketches, and a certificate of liability insurance. There are fees for this type of permit, with both a fixed application fee and a daily fee based on the size of the dumpster. In addition, dumpsters may not impede vehicle or pedestrian traffic through the area.

The specific requirements and approval process depend on your location. While you may find it difficult to obtain a right-of-way permit for a dumpster in Atlanta, you are able to have street placements in Decatur, GA. When you call to order, we’ll discuss your exact location and determine if street placement is available to you.

An infographic detailing if you need a dumpster permit in Atlanta
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When are Permits Needed for Dumpsters in Atlanta?

A permit is needed in Atlanta when the dumpster encroaches onto public property. This includes any street, trail, sidewalk, or alley. In addition, if you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners’ association, there may be further restriction imposed by the HOA. These could include delivery location restrictions and limits on the amount of time the dumpster can remain in front of your home.

Be sure to check with your HOA before you schedule a dumpster delivery date. All permitting and permissions must be in place before that date to prevent any delays. If this is not possible before your scheduled delivery date, we’ll be happy to work with you to reschedule.

Are there Permit Exemptions for Dumpsters in Atlanta?

The main exemption for the permit requirement in Atlanta is the use of privately owned space for your dumpster delivery. If the container can fit entirely onto private property, a permit is likely not necessary. No part of the dumpster can impede into the public right-of-way to qualify for this exemption.

Managing the Delivery of Your Dumpster

The City of Atlanta uses the right-of-way permitting process to ensure that all regulations are followed. You may encounter restrictions on the location allowed for your dumpster delivery. We will work with you to ensure that we can provide you with a convenient dumpster container and will assist you to navigate the permitting process.

We’ll Get Your Dumpster Delivered Quickly

Give us a call today to learn about all your dumpster rental options. At Discount Dumpster, we have extensive experience with all types of delivery situations. From a simple driveway placement of a 15-yard roll off to the delivery of our large 40-yard dumpster onto a construction site, we will get you set up with efficient and easy delivery to your home or job site. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs, get a free quote, and to schedule fast delivery. We’ll help you get started with your clean up right away.

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