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Environmental Awareness From Discount Dumpster

Last Updated: July 10, 2023

Environmental Awareness From Discount Dumpster

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Happy National Forest Week! This occasion celebrates our national forest system and all of those who help keep them safe and clean. Our national forests are some of the oldest and most pristine ecosystems in the world and need preservation!

This week serves as a great moment to highlight Discount Dumpster's environmental awareness efforts. Also, it explains why its important that companies in our line of work contribute to environmental efforts.

National Forest Week has a personal significance to Discount Dumpster. Our past partnership with the National Forest Foundation drew us closer to the cause of preserving the national forest network. We also encourage other waste management companies to do the same. 

Shoutout: The National Forest Foundation

Logo of the National Forest Foundation
Logo of the National Forest Foundation (NFF)

The National Forest Foundation (NFF) has been around since 1992 as a public organization. They are dedicated to keeping the sprawling national forest network healthy for wildlife and safe for recreation. 

The NFF has engaged in an ongoing tree planting campaign, with a goal to plant 50 million trees in our national forests by 2025. They offer a variety of programs to aid this cause, including:

These programs are layered to allow for assistance at any level of society, great and small. If we are to treat our national forests as public treasures, then it serves as a collective responsibility for individuals and businesses to contribute.

Discount Dumpster’s Environmental Efforts

Discount Dumpster partnered with the NFF as part of their general tree planting efforts from 2021 - 2023. For every dumpster rented out, we planted a tree in a national forest. The company also donated tens of thousands of dollars to the effort!

Companies like Discount Dumpster can provide a good green waste model for others to follow. In fact, it is of great importance that companies like Discount Dumpster partake in tree planting and other environmental efforts!

An infographic detailing Discount Dumpster's environmental awareness efforts
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Offsetting Carbon Emissions with the NFF

Carbon emissions are a problem that society has been tackling for some time now. However, carbon emissions from large hauling trucks are even greater than average vehicles. According to the EPA, transportation trucks contribute 29% of all carbon emissions in the country.

If you can’t tell, large hauling trucks need a lot of fuel to keep running. Far more than your personal vehicle. As they use so much gas, they also burn a lot more Co2 into the atmosphere. Being that’s the case, a large effort is needed to offset such emissions.

This is the reason Discount Dumpster partnered with the NFF! Our company's goal is to reach carbon neutrality. Planting trees to offset carbon emissions was only one aspect of this approach, yet it is an important aspect.

Other Environmental Awareness Projects

While the NFF was a large part of our environmental awareness campaigns, it was not the only aspect! Discount Dumpster has also partnered with the following organizations for cleanup efforts in the past:

Discount Dumpster is always looking for new partnerships to help with cleanups and other environmental efforts. We hope to expand our list of green waste partners as the years move on!

We Can All Do Our Part to Clean Things Up

Discount Dumpster strongly believes that everyone has a part to play in helping keep the planet healthy. The responsibility is just as much on businesses as it is on individuals. Some would argue that even more responsibility should be on businesses!

Think about it; while individual action is important, there are limits in how much individuals can do on their own. Not everyone has endless time or resources on their hands.

Businesses, however, have better footing for these efforts. A business acts as a collective and typically has more resources at their disposal. This isn’t true of all businesses, of course, yet any effort is better than no effort!

Companies with the time and resources should seriously consider assisting environmental efforts. This is especially true if your company contributes to waste generation or other environmental issues! 

Follow Our Lead to Keep Our Planet Green

Discount Dumpster hopes to be an example for other waste management companies in the industry. There are always great environmental efforts to take part in, including the efforts of the National Forest Foundation!

The NFF is always looking for business partnerships. If you want to assist them in any way, reach out to them! Your contributions will be appreciated more than you know. Discount Dumpster also seeks out new environmental efforts to contribute to.

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, yet it’s important nonetheless. If a company like Discount Dumpster can help (when we’re a literal trash company) then you can too!

Call to Drop a Line on an Environmental Effort that Needs Us! - (888) 316-7010

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