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Bedroom Spring Cleaning Checklist: 9 Steps

Last Updated: March 1, 2022

Bedroom Spring Cleaning Checklist: 9 Steps

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Each year, as the temperature becomes warmer, we begin to think of spring cleaning. Spring is a great time to dust, scrub, organize, and clean house after the long winter.

Spring cleaning is the best way to declutter your living space, boost your mood, and make your home healthier. One great place to begin your spring clean is in the bedrooms of your home.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a place in your home to relax and rejuvenate. It is a comforting space and a safe haven. Of course, just as in the other spaces in your home, it can get grimy and dusty and in need of a good scrub-down.

Did you know that there could also be hidden dangers lurking in your bedroom? From germs to dust to pollen to pet dander to tripping hazards, there’s a lot in our bedrooms that can make us uncomfortable, feel sick, or even be unsafe.

Spring cleaning comes to the rescue! While you may tidy and clean the bedrooms in your home regularly, you probably don’t often do a good deep cleaning very often.

As the weather warms up, plan on doing spring cleaning in all the bedrooms of your home. When you’re done, you’ll have a safe, healthy, and enjoyable space to relax. Making a bedroom cleaning checklist is a good way to start.

Why Clean the Bedroom?

Dust, pollen, dust mites, and mold can accumulate in your bedroom, brought in by the outside air, your clothing and shoes, and even your hair. These substances are then transferred to your bedding and pillows.

Over time, this can lead to allergies, asthma, and even skin rashes. In fact, if you begin to notice an increase in allergy symptoms, the most common culprit will be your bedroom.

“There are definitely some steps you can take around your house to make allergy season more bearable,” explains Dr. Flora Sinha, a primary care doctor at Cedars-Sinai. Also, with the concentration of dust and pollen so high in your bedroom, getting to work cleaning that space can make it easier for you to breathe and relax.

Mental Health Benefits of Deep Cleaning

There are also mental health benefits to spring cleaning your bedroom. It isn’t just the clean rooms that can boost your mood. Even the act of cleaning itself can reduce stress.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports that the physical act of cleaning can lower anxiety, reduce stress, and help with the symptoms of depression. Cleaning improve concentration and can reduce overall fatigue.

Making a spring cleaning checklist for the bedroom is of course going to be different than a kitchen spring cleaning checklist, or bathroom spring cleaning checklist.

Bedroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

The best way to approach spring cleaning is to start with a written plan. Make a list for each room with all the tasks put in order. You should also put together a supplies list. Use this checklist to work your way through spring cleaning your bedroom.

An infographic detailing a bedroom spring-cleaning checklist in nine steps.
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1. Gather Your Supplies

Every spring cleaning task is easier when you have all your cleaning supplies gathered ahead of time. This keeps you from chasing down the dustpan, trying to find the window cleaner, or having to stop to fix a broken vacuum cleaner. What do you need to do your bedroom spring cleaning checklist? This list is a great place to start:

• Garbage bag

• Cleaning rags

• Dusting or microfiber cloths

• All-purpose cleaning spray

• Glass cleaner

• Dish soap

• Bucket

• Wood cleaner/polish

• Vacuum cleaner with attachments

• Broom and mop or carpet cleaner

• Dust mask

• Organizing baskets/bins

2. Declutter Before the Deep Clean

Next, you will need to clear the clutter from your bedroom. You can’t really do a good deep cleaning if there are trash, dirty clothes, and clutter all around. Toss any garbage. Go around the room and remove any items that don’t belong in the bedroom.

You can use organizing baskets to collect this clutter and take those things to where they should be. Storage in the laundry room is ideal.

Spring cleaning is a good time to discard clothing items that you won’t wear anymore. Go through all your drawers and closets. Toss any worn or ill-fitting clothing, old shoes, and accessories you no longer want.

3. Dust All the Surfaces in Your Bedroom

Lots of dust can accumulate in your bedroom. Remove dust from the surfaces of dressers, nightstands, lamps, light fixtures, light bulbs, windowsills, and ceiling fan.

Pull the furniture away from the walls to dust behind them. Textured walls especially are dust magnets. Use a lint brush or dry microfiber cloth to remove the dust from your walls, ceiling, and doors. You can also vacuum curtains if necessary.

4. Wash Down Surfaces

Use a mild soapy solution of warm water and a small amount of dish soap to wipe down the surfaces in your bedroom with a damp cloth. Wash walls, windowsills, doors, doorknobs, door frames, baseboards, and light switches with a damp microfiber cloth.

Remove the glass cover of your ceiling light fixture to wash it well. Clean your ceiling fan by wiping each blade, top and bottom, along with the glass light cover.

In your children’s rooms, clean plastic toys in a cleaning solution of hot water, mild dish soap, and a spoonful of bleach or baking soda to disinfect them.

5. Wash Windows

Take down your cloth window coverings and run them through your washing machine or have them dry cleaned if they are not washable. Remove your window blinds and let them soak in your bathtub. Wipe them down to remove accumulated grime until completely dry.

Wash your windows and window sills both inside and out. Be sure to clean out the window track, where lots of dust can settle.

6. Clean All Your Bedding

Remove all bed linens and wash them. Wash your mattress cover or replace it if it worn or stained. Researchers at the National Sleep Foundation report that 85% of people surveyed said clean sheets and bedding are important to a good night’s sleep.

Therefore, putting a new mattress cover and clean sheets on your bed will help you get a better night’s rest. This is also a great time to get new pillows.

According to a survey conducted by Mattress Firm, respondents claimed that a comfortable pillow is crucial to a good night’s sleep. However, most people surveyed admitted that they wash or replace their pillow less than twice a year, the recommended replacement period.

7. Rotate Your Mattress

Conventional wisdom used to say that you should flip your mattress a few times a year. But flipping your mattress is not the best idea these days. Modern mattresses are made to be one-sided.

Flipping a mattress like this turns the layers upside down, so you could end up with less comfortable dense foam on the top. Instead of flipping, rotate your mattress instead.

Just as rotating the tires on your car helps them wear evenly, rotating your mattress moves areas of heavier wear and pressure around. In this way, your mattress will last longer and be more comfortable over the life of your mattress.

8. Clean Your Carpet

If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, you’ll want to include a good carpet shampooing as part of your spring cleaning. You can inexpensively rent a carpet cleaner from your local home improvement store or plan to have a professional come in to clean it.

It’s best to clean your carpet after you’ve completed all the dusting and cleaning work in your bedroom. This ensures that the carpet cleaning will capture any dust and pollen that settle there after you’ve cleaned the room.

9. Install a Closet Organizer

After completing all the hard work of spring cleaning your bedroom, you’ll have to put back all your clothing in your clean closet. If you don’t already have one, install a closet organizer. This will allow you to organize all your clothing and will help keep it tidy in the months to come.

If you already have a closet organizer installed, look it over for any loose connections or worn spots. Make those repairs before you fill your closet back up.

How a Dumpster Can Help

You may think you won’t have much trash from spring cleaning your bedroom. But you may be surprised by the amount of clutter you have lurking in your room, closet, and master bathroom.

You could bag up all your worn clothing, old shoes, used bedding, bathroom clutter, and dated furniture to put out with your regular residential trash. But this will mean having piles of trash waiting for a pickup.

Consider getting a small dumpster rental instead. Rental roll offs start at a compact 10 cubic yard size that easily fit in your driveway. You will have round-the-clock access to your dumpster container, which lets you work on your schedule as you clean.

You can toss as you work without needing to bag up all your trash. Having an dumpster onsite during your spring cleaning lets you throw out all that cleanup trash and decluttering stuff all at once. In fact, you may decide to get a slightly bigger dumpster container to use during your whole-house spring cleaning.

Add Some Updates to Round Out Your Bedroom Spring Cleaning

Can a clean and updated bedroom help you get a better night’s sleep? With a healthier space and the peace of having everything repaired and updated, you’ll find your bedroom is calming and more conducive to good sleep.

So, while you do your bedroom spring cleaning, consider giving the room an update. You may have dated furniture, a tired saggy mattress, ratty carpeting, or old drafty windows.

While you clean up the space, take a moment to evaluate any repairs you need to make or furniture that should be replaced. Even small updates can make a big difference.

Install a ceiling fan, get a new nightstand, add a lamp, paint your doors, get new bedding, or hang some new artwork. These small touches can make a big difference and will make your bedroom feel like the sanctuary it should be.

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