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Construction Appreciation Week and Why it Matters

Construction Appreciation Week and Why it Matters

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We know that sometimes construction can be a bother when it’s blocking traffic and waking you up at 7 am. But how many times have we stopped to think about the people behind the scenes who build our homes, businesses, and public amenities? Welcome to Construction Appreciation Week 2023!

What is Construction Appreciation Week?

Construction Appreciation Week is the third week of September and was started in 2018 by I Build America. This week is dedicated to showing pride within the construction industry and inspiring young people with the story of American construction.

Why Does Construction Appreciation Week Matter?

I Build America is the only organization dedicated to the promotion and cultivation of the construction industry by honoring the working professionals within the craft. Every day, hardworking construction professionals of all genders work to keep our homes, roads, public spaces, and more, safe and functional.

An infographic explaining why construction appreciation week matters
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1. Gender Inclusivity in the Construction Profession

While Construction Appreciation Week acknowledges all professionals, you may wonder about women in the field. Construction can typically be viewed as a very male-dominated field, but The National Association of Women in Construction aim to shed light on the careers and accomplishments of incredible women in the field.

The NAWIC have had their own Women in Construction Week over the last 25 years, with the 25th anniversary celebrated this past March. The Goal of WIC Week is to amplify the success of women and more in the construction industry.

2. Appreciating Our Safe Homes and Businesses

It can be easy to take for granted the things that construction professionals provide. We have a roof over our heads and sturdy walls. Our floors are even and our roads are traversable. We sometimes don’t notice all the good, but we definitely notice when things need work.

3. Our Public Works Are Built by Construction Workers

Do you ever think about how construction workers build the cell phone towers that allow us to stay glued to those little screens in our pockets, or how they build our internet and television cables that keep us entertained?

Public infrastructure is purely thanks to the construction workers and contractors who dedicate their physical labor to provide us with ease and comfort. This week is to thank them for all the hard work they do.

How to Celebrate Construction Appreciation Week

The next time you pass construction on the road, roll down your window and give them a holler! You can even walk right up and tell them how much you love them. (just kidding, please don’t do any of that).

An alternative to startling construction workers or wandering into an active construction zone is to simply appreciate the ones in your life who are doing the work. You can speak positively about the construction workers, handymen, and plumbers to your friends and family who are prone to complaining.

Give thanks that the fixers are only one call away and can help you solve problems that you can’t take care of on your own.

An infographic detailing how to celebrate construction appreciation week
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1. Leave A Good Review

If you’ve worked with a plumber, contractor, remodeler, or roofer recently, post a good review on their page! In fact, you should do that every time, not only during Construction Appreciation Week.

Reviews are an important way for construction workers and handy people to get more business.

2. Share on Social Media

You can follow I Build America on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube and share their posts. You can also use the hashtags #ConstructionAppreciationWeek #ThanksForBuilding on your feed posts and stories.

3. Give Back

If you pass by a construction zone on your way to work, see if you can leave a baked good or some gift cards to the local coffee shop with them. Construction workers are up before dawn, so a caffeine boost will always be appreciated.

4. Say Thank You

Kind words can often go a long way. Construction workers and building professionals can often feel undervalued, and a simple thank you can brighten someone’s day. Seeing construction pros as real people instead of just fixtures on the side of the road goes a long way to showing that you see them and the hard work they’re doing.

We Love and Appreciate You, Construction Workers!

Here at Discount Dumpster, we work with construction professionals, contractors, and DIY-ers all the time. They rent our dumpsters to toss in junk and keep their workspaces safe. We are proud to partner with many construction businesses in order to keep our communities growing and thriving.

Give us a call today to learn how we can work with your company or project for junk and waste removal!

Call Today for a Construction Dumpster Rental! - (888) 316-7010

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