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Top 5 Fencing for Construction Sites

Last Updated: November 11, 2023

Top 5 Fencing for Construction Sites

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Fencing for construction sites may seem like a simple choice. There are things to consider before choosing a fencing type. Robert Frost, the renowned American poet once wrote,

“Good fences make good neighbors”.

Proper fencing for construction sites is important in the interests of public safety. This ensures workers can go about their jobs uninterrupted. It also prevents trespassing and vandalism.

Fencing for construction sites is usually temporary. However, fence panels may vary depending on several factors. These include the durability of material, the level of security/safety needed, the length of the perimeter, budget and other factors.

Our guide will introduce you to the best types of fencing suited for construction projects, and help you decide on the right kind of fence to build, or whether you should opt for a temporary fence rental. Since construction sites tend to produce a lot of debris, its important to prevent unexpected intrusions that can create issues like construction delays!

Why Construction Sites Need Fencing

Whether you’re embarking on a commercial or personal construction project, you’re likely to need temporary fencing to keep outsiders from entering the site, either accidentally or deliberately. Thus, proper fencing is important for a construction for the following reasons:

  • Fencing ensures that the construction site and equipment is safe and secure.
  • A proper fence with a signboard will prevent random people from walking into the area.
  • Certain types of fencing will prevent visitors from looking into the construction area.
  • Fencing also ensures that debris and waste from the construction site does not spill into the adjoining areas.
  • Barricade fencing offers added security, preventing vehicles from entering.
  • Temporary fencing will ensure that only authorized personnel can enter the area.

Thus, out of public safety and perimeter security concerns, one must erect a sturdy temporary fence before commencing a construction project. In fact, the global fencing market was valued at 27.88 billion dollars in 2021 and is expected to grow even further, with a particular increase in metal fencing.

Top 5 Fencing for Construction Sites

From chain link fencing to temporary fence panels made of plastic or wood, there are plenty of options to choose from for your next construction project. The most effective fencing options for construction sites are discussed below:

An infographic detailing top 5 fencing for construction sites
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Chain link fences (also known as chain-wire fences) are usually constructed from galvanized steel, with the wires bent to form a “zigzag” pattern. Since each loop resembles a diamond, this form of construction fencing is also called a diamond-mesh fence. Modified chain link fences are frequently used to build tennis courts and wrestling cages.

Chain link fences are durable, readily available and suitable for a wide variety of construction projects. The wires are usually attached to poles that are dug into the ground. If you want to avoid digging or drilling holes into the ground, you can opt for chain link panes that come up with free-standing platforms.

2. Heras or Mesh Fencing

If you’re looking for something durable, lightweight and weather-resistant, “Heras” fencing or mesh fencing might be a good match for your needs.  This type of fence is so called because of an enterprise started by Frans Ruigrok, the son of a blacksmith, who later changed the name to Heras.

In this type of fencing, each panel is made of wire-mesh metal grids connected by metal couplers and bracing blocks. They are very easy to transport, making such fencing ideal for short-term projects and can be further customized with logos and banners.

You can also find “anti-climb” variants that are guaranteed to keep trespassers out of the job site.

3. Plastic Safety Barriers

You may have occasionally seen plastic safety barriers when the roads or highways are blocked due to an accident or some ongoing construction work. These fences are made from polypropylene (PP) or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and are available in various colors and sizes.

They can easily be placed on the job site without any machinery, although they might not be ideal for keeping out intruders.

4. Timber Hoarding

Sometimes, you might need discretion and privacy at the job site and you cannot opt for chain-link panels or Heras fencing since those offer a glimpse into the construction area. Order hoardings made of timber and install them into the concrete.

They are extremely durable, can withstand a high amount of pressure and are excellent for long-term building projects where site security is crucial.

5. Steel Hoarding

Finally, for maximum protection and security, you can get steel hoardings. These are made from galvanized steel and are lighter than timber. You can also add barbed wire and anti-climb devices to prevent people from breaking into the property.

The galvanized steel also ensures that the fence is long-lasting and will not rust when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Having the Right Fencing for Construction Sites is Important

Thus, the kind of site fence you need for your construction project depends on various factors. You’d have to consider many factors. These include how much time the project might take, the prevailing weather conditions in that area, the level of security and safety required, and any additional installation/removal expenses.

Although construction fencing is temporary, it’s one of the most important aspects of any building project. They provide a safe, secure and private area for the construction to smoothly take place.

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