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How to Dispose of Bricks

How to Dispose of Bricks

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Disposing of old and broken bricks isn’t as simple as other types of waste. Bricks are heavy and bulky, so you can’t just toss them in your residential waste trash cans. Beyond that, they are challenging to manage in a landfill. Bricks last a lifetime, so they don’t break down or decompose readily.

Because bricks are tricky to dispose of, its best to be prepared and understand the necessary methods of disposal. As you will learn, you can't just throw bricks in your trash! They require special care and disposal, which is important in many ways.

Complications of Brick Disposal

When we bought our house, the front entrance area had a planter attached to the front of the house with a brick façade that matched the brick on our home. Within a few months of moving in, this planter began to break apart, sagging and threatening to topple over.

We decided to pull it down ourselves to save money on repair costs. But that left us with hundreds of bricks. It took us a minute to figure out just how to get rid of all that brick debris. As it turned out, we couldn't just toss these bricks anywhere.

Bricks and Landfills

Over 600 million tons of construction and demolition debris (C&D) is generated each year in the United States. That is twice the amount of other types of landfill waste. The vast majority of that waste comes from demolitions. Bricks make up a significant portion of that.

Reducing the amount of C&D waste going to our landfills is a priority for waste landfill managers. Their efforts focus mainly on increasing the reuse of materials before they ever make it to a landfill.

What about recycling old bricks? While bricks can be recycled, many communities don’t have the recycling center infrastructure to handle this heavy durable waste. In order for bricks to be recycled for other uses, they have to be crushed with heavy machinery.

This crushed material must be processed before being used as construction aggregate, landscaping material, or soil amendment in clay-heavy soils. This is costly and not easily found in many communities.

How to Dispose of Bricks Properly

There are several disposal options for broken or unwanted bricks. These strategies will reduce the amount of brick debris headed to our landfills.

An infographic on how to dispose of bricks properly
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1. Rent a Dumpster

Renting a dumpster for your brick disposal has lots of advantages. You can toss the bricks into the dumpster as you work, keeping your work area clean and safe. If you’re able to separate your heavy waste from other construction waste, you can opt for an inert roll off dumpster. This type of dumpster gets special handling at the landfill and can keep you from having to pay overweight charges on your heavy load.

2. Give Away or Sell Used Bricks

You can offer your old bricks on your local social media neighborhood group such as:

You will likely find someone willing to do a quick pickup when you offer the bricks for free. Small builders, landscapers, and community organizations may also be interested in free bricks or be willing to pay a small fee.

3. Recycle Your Bricks

If brick recycling is available in your community, you’re in luck! Recycled bricks are used whole in new construction or can be crushed and used in construction or landscaping applications. You will have to transport the bricks yourself to the recycling facility.

4. Find Someone to Reuse Your Old Bricks

Since brick material is so durable, they are easy to reuse in a variety of projects. Habitat for Humanity accepts used bricks in their building program or at their Habitat ReStore shops.

Some municipalities reuse bricks from old streets and buildings in other community projects. Entrepreneurs can find a market for used bricks to cover new construction, line walkways, or build curbing.

5. Haul Bricks Yourself

If you have a smaller quantity of bricks, you can haul them to the landfill yourself. You’ll need a pickup truck to transport the load. Check with your local landfill or transfer station first to find out if they accept bricks and what fees are charged.

This option works well if you can fit all the bricks in one load. If you need to take multiple trips, you’ll pay for gas and a separate disposal fee each time.

6. Repurpose Old Bricks

Bricks are expensive to purchase for new projects. If you have old bricks, you can use them yourself. Some creative DIY brick projects include using the bricks as walkway pavers or installing garden bed edging. Bricks are a great material for backyard landscaping such as making outdoor brick ovens or fire pits.

But be aware, regular bricks will crack at high temperatures. To remedy this, you can install a layer of “firebricks” on the inside of the oven or pit. These bricks will withstand higher temperatures and protect the outer layer of recycled bricks.

The Impact of Improper Disposal

Improper brick disposal has some significant environmental impacts. Bricks take up a lot of landfill space, reducing the space for other types of waste. They break down slowly and release chemicals that can leach into the nearby soil and water.

Illegal dumping of old bricks is a problem for many communities. Bricks discarded in open spaces, natural habitats, or near waterways can disrupt those ecosystems. Clean up of illegally dumped bricks is challenging and costly for both private property owners and governmental agencies.

Get Hassle-Free Brick Disposal at a Price You Can Afford

Do you have a pile of old bricks to get rid of? At Discount Dumpster, we’re experts in all types of waste disposal. Give us a call to learn about our affordable options on a dumpster rental to help you clean up all your brick waste and debris, fast and easy!

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