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How to Plan a Laundry Room Renovation in 10 Steps

Last Updated: August 14, 2023

How to Plan a Laundry Room Renovation in 10 Steps

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Failing to plan for your laundry room renovation could end up costing you big bucks. Inflation affects all parts of our economy, including the home improvement sector. Although prices in the appliance industry are beginning to stabilize, prices for laundry equipment increased by 17.9% over the last couple of years.

Planning for this renovation gave me the opportunity to start from scratch and design the ideal laundry room for our family.

Why Planning Ahead is Important

With six kids in our home, you can imagine the chaos that dealing with laundry can bring. For many years, we had what I called our “laundry hallway.” The washing machine and dryer were placed in a pass through between our family room and a small bathroom. This was challenging to say the least.

We finally decided to redo the entire area, swapping the bathroom and laundry room and were able to enlarge the laundry room significantly.

Laundry rooms are typically small, with an average of 35 square feet to work with. This makes it more affordable than remodeling a large room or basement in your home. But it still isn’t cheap. You can expect to spend from $6500 to $8,500 on a full laundry room remodel, depending on the amount of plumbing, electrical, or structural work you need to do and whether you are replacing your appliances.

The best strategy when planning for a renovation is to decide exactly how you want to use the space. This is especially important for renovations that involve rooms you use a lot and that need to be at peak usability.

How to Plan a Laundry Room Renovation in 10 Steps

An infographic detailing how to plan a laundry room renovation in 10 steps
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1. Figure Out What You Need in Your Laundry Room

The perfect laundry room will look different for a couple versus a family of 8. Before you start the demo of your old laundry room, take time to visualize what you’d like in the space. Evaluate your current laundry room setup and decide what works and what doesn’t. Pull together inspiration and ideas from the internet.

You can search and save laundry room designs you find on Pinterest, Instagram, or home improvement websites. Cut out photos from magazines or print out your favorite online images to create an inspiration vision board. Once you know what you like and need, you can move forward and create your ideal floor plan.

2. DIY Approach or Hire Professionals

If you want to try your hand at remodeling your laundry room, be sure you are up for the job. A full remodel could require drywall skills, plumbing experience, electrical work, and finishing the floor. Hiring contractors to do the work is much easier of course, but will be more costly.

You can also take a middle approach, doing some of the work yourself and hiring out for the more difficult or skilled work. Also, be sure to research what type of construction equipment you will need if you're going the DIY route.

3. Set Your Budget

Your final budget will depend on your needs and tastes. You may want a high-end washer and dryer, or you might choose to keep the ones you already have. Price out different finishes such as floor tile, countertop materials, and window coverings.

Your budget will need to increase if you have to move plumbing, redo your ventilation system, knock down a wall, or install new outlets. Before you start your demo, get accurate price estimates for all phases of your remodel.

4. Create a Timeline

Whether you are doing the work yourself or contracting the job out, you should put together a realistic timeline for the project from start to finish. If you are hiring out the remodeling work, communicate clearly what your expectations are and ask how long each step will take. It’s best to work a buffer into your timeline to cover any unexpected delays that could arise from supply chain issues or contractor delays.

5. Plan While You Work

During the demo and remodeling of your laundry room, you won’t be able to use it. You’ll likely have to move your washer and dryer out of the way and may need to disconnect the water or electricity for a period of time. Plus, the work can be messy, and it just won’t work to try to do laundry in a dusty environment.

Make a backup plan to get laundry done during this down time. This could be a laundromat, a laundry service, or using a friend’s or family member’s washer. Price out what this may cost and add it to your budget ahead of time.

6. Research and Select the Best Materials

Have you always wanted a farmhouse sink or recessed lighting in your laundry room? Remodeling your laundry room is a perfect time to get the fixtures and finishing that you want. Shop around to find shelving, floor tiles, lighting, and appliances that fit your needs and contribute to the overall design aesthetics you’re aiming for. Doing your research ahead of time ensures you’ll get the final look and functionality you want.

7. Shop Around for the Best Deals on Appliances

One of the biggest costs of a laundry room renovation comes from a new washer and dryer. It pays to do some comparison shopping. Don’t buy a washer or dryer that has a larger capacity than your family needs. You can often find great deals by purchasing last year’s model or scoring an open-box or floor model set.

If you have some time, you can wait for a sale. Most appliance retailers offer deals around major holidays such as Black Friday or Labor Day. Ask if there are any manufacturers rebates or promotions that you can stack with sale prices.

And if you have a really tight budget, consider purchasing a second-hand set. You might get lucky and find a washer and dryer set that is relatively new. This happens when someone remodels their laundry room and wants new appliances even though theirs are in great working order. Keep your eyes open on your local online marketplaces or neighbors’ group.

8. Get Permitting in Place

If you are moving or adding plumbing, changing the structure of your laundry wall, removing or adding a wall, running new electrical lines, or installing a new water heater, you may need to obtain a permit before beginning work.

Requirements for a permit vary depending on your location and local regulations. Contact your city or county’s building department to determine if a permit is required for your remodeling work.

9. Plan for Disposal

When you demo your old laundry room, you’ll end up with lots of bulky trash. This can include old appliances, large pieces of drywall, floor tiles, or old piping. You can’t put any of this in with your regular residential trash collection.

The easiest way to handle this demolition debris is to rent a small roll off dumpster. A compact dumpster will fit right on your driveway and can hold all the waste and debris from a laundry room demo.

10. Finish the Job

At the end of your laundry room remodel, you can add little touches that complete the look and functionality of the room. Install shelf liner paper, hang curtains or blinds, and put up some fun or inspirational artwork.

Upgrade your lighting fixtures so you have lots of light in this smaller space. Add a touch of nature with some green plants or botanical wallpaper to add color and freshness to the space. Put up a hanging rod on the wall to get the most functionality out of the space.

The Key to a Successful Laundry Room Remodel is to Plan Ahead

Family living means lots of laundry. In fact, it can seem like laundry is never done. But having a clean, organized, and functional laundry room will make this daily chore more pleasant. You will be successful with your laundry room model with a solid plan from the get-go. The more care you put into the planning phase, the better your outcome.

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