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What's the Difference Between Front Load and Roll Off Dumpsters?

What's the Difference Between Front Load and Roll Off Dumpsters?

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Figuring out what a dumpster is seems pretty straightforward, right? There are typically two main classes of dumpster: front loader and roll off.

What are the differences between the two? They differ in several ways, in size, purpose, cost, and transportation method.

What is a Roll Off Dumpster?

An image of a roll off dumpster

Large roll off dumpsters are the workhorse of construction, renovation, and demolition jobs. These are typically used at large worksites.

Homeowners also depend on smaller roll off dumpsters for short-term renovations and residential cleanup work.

A roll off dumpster gets its name from the way it’s delivered. A hauling truck with a hydraulic system lifts and then "rolls" it onto the ground. Wheels at one end allow the driver to place it easily onto the specified location.

These containers come in sizes from 10 to 40 cubic yards. Usually open-topped, some have a hinged swinging door at one end.

This makes it easy to load large bulky waste such as construction debris and remodeling waste. Their strong steel builds allow them to handle heavy debris.

A roll off container stays at your site until it’s full or your project is completed. The driver returns for pickup, lifts it back onto the truck, and transports it to a landfill for disposal.

What is a Front Load Dumpster?

An image of a front load dumpster

A front load dumpster is an everyday container that provides a place for trash disposal. Smaller than roll offs, they are found at businesses and residential complexes.

When you rent a front load dumpster, it is stays at your site for the long-term. Pickups are scheduled at regular intervals, once or twice a week.

A garbage truck arrives at the dumpster’s location and uses a hydraulic arm to lift and empty the container for emptying.

Front load dumpsters are smaller than a roll off, ranging from 2 to 8 cubic yards. They have swinging tops to prevent animal intrusion, limit odors, and prevent trash from spilling out.

They’re made of steel and plastic and hold the weight of standard household or business trash. Many have wheels, making it easy to move around a property when needed.

What Projects are Roll Off Dumpsters Used For?

Roll off waste containers are most often used for projects that are temporary and generate large amounts of bulky waste.

An Infographic on how to use roll off dumpsters
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1. Construction and Demolition Jobs

You’ll find roll off containers at large-scale new construction, retail renovation projects, and demolition jobs.

Typical trash at these sites include building materials, concrete, metal, wood, drywall, roofing materials, and fill dirt.

2. Home Improvement and Big Cleanup Projects

Roll off dumpsters are used for home DIY jobs such as bathroom renovations, wall removals, or kitchen remodels. Also, they are used to declutter large amounts of household junk.

A roll off can easily handle large bulky furniture and old appliances. With convenient driveway delivery, you get close access to toss your trash as you work.

3. Yard Waste Removal

A roll off dumpster is the perfect solution to get rid of branches, shrubs, or a crumbling retaining wall. You’ll have handy access when it is placed right on your property.

4. Special Event Waste Disposal

Large events such as concerts, festivals, outdoor weddings, and charity events need a way to handle a large volume of trash. A roll off dumpster is the most affordable and convenient option.

What Projects are Front Load Dumpsters Used For?

Front load dumpsters are the best choice for everyday loads of trash, with regular bi-weekly pickups and convenient access.

An infographic on how to use front load dumpsters
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1. Restaurants and Food Service

Restaurants have an ongoing need to dispose of food waste, packaging, and materials used in daily operations. A dumpster out back with regular pickups is the best solution.

2. Office and Retail Buildings

These businesses generate paper waste, packaging materials, and cleanup trash. Front load dumpsters at these locations handle both customer and employee waste.

3. Apartment Complexes

Residents in apartment living depend on the complex’s management to provide trash services. Dumpsters are placed at multiple locations between apartment buildings, with frequent pickup service throughout the week.

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