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How Much Does a Bundle of Shingles Weigh?

Last Updated: December 1, 2023

How Much Does a Bundle of Shingles Weigh?

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The weight of roofing shingles is a significant factor in a roof replacement job, not only because the heavy shingles have to be hauled up on the roof, but because old shingles need to be removed and discarded. So, it’s important to be able to estimate the weight of the tiles used on your roofing job.

In fact, many roofers don’t handle the disposal of your old roof. In this case, you’d be responsible for getting a rental dumpster delivered before the job starts. Roofing shingles are heavy and this can add to the cost of your roofing job.

When it comes time to choose the type of shingles you’d like installed, consider the weight of the material along with the look and other features. You may be surprised that the weight can affect the overall cost of your roofing project.

Understanding the Weight of a Bundle of Shingles is Important

The magic of using shingles on a roof’s surface lies in the interlocking layering pattern they form. Whether they are asphalt, wood, concrete, metal, clay, slate, or even solar, roofing shingles provide a waterproof barrier that protects your home from the elements. They also create a decorative element that adds charm and beauty to your home.

Singles are a very durable choice for a roof, but they do eventually need to be replaced. You may have a damaged roof from a recent storm, have an old roof that is just wearing out, or are wanting to replace your roof for aesthetic or energy-saving reasons.

Roofing shingles are heavy, and it’s important for a roofing professional and the contractors that work on your home to understand the weight of the materials they are using. Both demolition of an old roof and installation of a new one involves managing these heavy materials in the most cost-effective and safe way.

Costs Associated with Shingle Weight

The weight of roofing shingles impacts both the roofing work itself and the costs of the shingles, from transportation logistics of the shingles to the labor needed for installation to the overall safety of the roofing project. The heavier the shingles, the more it will cost to transport and install them. Particularly heavy shingles may need hoisting equipment such as a ladder hoist or roofing conveyor.

Your roofing contractor may need more workers on the team to handle moving heavy shingles around safely. Heavy materials on a job site typically require more safety equipment and a good grasp of proper safety procedures.

Finally, knowing the weight of specific types of shingles comes into play when renting a dumpster to handle all that bulky waste. Most roof replacements generate at least 2 to 3 tons of debris. Since dumpsters have a set weight limit, anything over that could result in an overweight charge.

How Much Does a Bundle of Shingles Weigh?

Roofing shingles are sold in a unit called a bundle. To measure how many bundles of shingles you’ll need for a roof, you’ll need to use the surface area of the roof. Roofs are measured in “squares,” which is simply the amount of roofing material needed to cover the surface of 100 square feet of roof.

For example, a 1,000 square foot roof is 10 square, while a 2,500 square foot roof is 25 square. Measurements are rounded up. A 1,850 square foot roof would be 19 square.

So, that explains squares, but where do bundles come in? It takes about 3 bundles of shingles to cover one square of roof. Typically, there are about 21 to 26 shingles in a bundle. This depends on the type of shingle and the specific manufacturer.

The best place to get the exact weight amounts for particular shingles is from the manufacturer. But you can get a general idea of the weight of common roofing materials with this list:

1. Asphalt Shingles

Standard 3-tab asphalt shingles: 45-60 pounds per bundle

Architectural shingles: 60-80 pounds per bundle

The most common type of roofing shingle is the asphalt shingle. This comes in a 3-tab style which is easy to install. In the past 30 years, a new asphalt roofing shingle innovation came on the scene. You can now choose architectural laminated shingles, which are simply two or more typical shingles bonded or “laminated” together. Because of this, architectural shingles weigh more than the standard ones.

An infographic detailing how much a bundle of shingles weighs.
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2. Wood Shingles

200-700 pounds per bundle.

Most wood shingles are manufactured from cedar, spruce, or treated pine. Cedar is the most popular choice due to its resistance to rot. While wood shingles are not as practical or long-lasting as other modern roofing materials, homeowners love them for their aesthetic appeal.

3. Slate Shingles

300-800 pounds per bundle.

Slate is made from metamorphic rocks. These originally formed from volcanic ash or clay. Slate can be split into thin sheets in a process called foliation. This gives slate its classic natural look and durability. Slate shingles come in several different thickness, from 3/16 up to 3/4 inch. Its heavier weight makes it more challenging to both install and remove.

4. Metal Shingles

50-100 pounds per bundle.

Many metal roofs are made with corrugated panels made from aluminum, steel, or copper. Modern metal roofing incorporates a standing seam metal roof system that allows panels to lock together. Metal panels come in several different thicknesses. Both the type of metal and the thickness of the panels influence the weight per bundle. Additional reinforcement material also adds to the overall weight.

5. Clay Tile Shingles

600-800 pounds per bundle.

Clay roofing tiles are manufactured by baking molded clay. The density of the final product is affected by the type of clay, baking time, and temperature of the oven. Homeowners choose clay for their beauty, sustainability, and eco-friendly properties. They are very energy-efficient as they hold heat well and allow for good air flow due to their shape.

Manage Your Roofing Tile Waste with Ease

In addition to the roofing shingles themselves, extra weight comes from the roof assembly materials used during installation. If the roof deck is also being replaced, there will be more weight than just a simple shingle removal. A good estimate of the weight of the roofing tiles and materials lets you pick a dumpster that will fit everything without paying for what you don’t need.

These weight guidelines give you a good starting point, but talk with your roofing contractor to get more detailed information. Once you know the name of the manufacturer and the specific tiles used for your roof, you can get a better estimation of the exact weight of the roofing tiles.

We’re Ready to Help You Clean Up from Your Roofing Job

Your big roofing job needs a reliable and affordable option for shingle discarding. At Discount Dumpster, we have years of experience in all types of roofing jobs. We will accurately estimate the weight of your load of roofing shingles and help you choose the right size dumpster for your needs so you can avoid overweight charges.

For large jobs, we offer ongoing roll off service or can arrange for more than one container at a time. Our team is just one phone call away. Get in touch with us to discuss your project and to get a free fast quote today!

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