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What You Should Know About Renting a Dumpster in Phoenix

What You Should Know About Renting a Dumpster in Phoenix

Renting a Dumpster in Phoenix, AZ

While the U.S. is laboring under rising rates of inflation, the construction industry in Phoenix is maintaining growth across the Phoenix region. Because of a lower cost of living than either the west or east coast, Phoenix has seen a migration of Americans who are working from home and looking for a cheaper place to live. More people means in increase in demand for housing.

And it’s not just families relocating. Businesses from far-flung cities such as San Francisco and New York have recently moved to Phoenix. With its attractive community, economic opportunities, and a robust talent pool from Phoenix’s universities, it is an easy sell for companies looking to lower costs and incentivize their employees to make the move with them. Due to these factors, commercial construction starts continue to rise in The Valley.

The Phoenix-area home improvement market is also enjoying stable growth. Phoenix is expected to see a 20.3 percent increase in home improvement spending this year. This is on top of 12 percent growth in this spending in Phoenix.

This type of spending is concentrated in home remodeling, house flipping activities, and exterior landscape cleanup and installation. And with this increase in construction and renovation activity comes an increase in the need for an affordable and reliable dumpster rental in Phoenix.

What to Know About Renting a Dumpster in Phoenix

Discount Dumpster is a rental company that makes it easy for homeowners, landscapers, and contractors to clean up in The Valley. We are highly rated by our customers across the Metro Phoenix area. With a large inventory and years of experience in the trash business, our team can get you just what you need at a great price with fast delivery.

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1. Phoenix Dumpster Rental Prices

When you rent a dumpster from Discount Dumpster, you can be confident that you are getting the lowest prices in The Valley. A quick phone call starts your dumpster order. Our flat rate is based on the size of the rental dumpster you choose. From there, we include our standard 14-day rental period, delivery, and pickup, all for free.

Take a look at our low prices on rental dumpsters in Phoenix:

10 yard dumpster - $340 - $490

15 yard dumpster - $370 - $520

20 yard dumpster - $380 - $530

30 yard dumpster - $440 - $583

40 yard dumpster - $510 - $650

To determine the final cost of your dumpster, we take our low flat rate and include any customizations to your quote that you request. We are happy to add on options to handle extra-heavy loads, extended rental periods, and delivery to areas outside the Metro Phoenix area. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll come up with an affordable solution.

2. Best Time of Year to Rent a Dumpster in Phoenix

There is no doubt that the climate in Phoenix is good year-round. Seasonal demand does not fluctuate as much as it does in regions of the country that experience cold winters. So, what does that mean for our dumpster rental customers? Any time is a great time to get a dumpster in Phoenix.

To accommodate year-round demand, we carry a large inventory of all dumpster sizes. Your best bet is to call us as soon as you decide to rent a dumpster.

Don’t wait until your project is already underway. The more lead-time you work into the ordering process, the better. This way, you’ll get a great low price and guaranteed delivery on your schedule.

Schedule your dumpster delivery for a day that you are ready to begin tossing your waste and debris. If it is delivered too early, it will sit idle until you have trash to discard. Each dumpster has a standard rental period of 7 to 14 days, so you don’t want to waste any of that time by getting delivery before you’re ready. Our team can help you coordinate the best time to schedule your dumpster delivery to your home or job site.

3. Worst Time of Year to Rent a Dumpster in Phoenix

The longer days of summer in May, June, and July give you more time to work than in the winter. Because of this, these summer months make for a high demand period for homeowner dumpster rentals. When demand is high, you may experience an increase in the price of your rental dumpster.

We pride ourselves on our great service and work hard to get you a dumpster delivered as quickly as possible. When demand is high, there could be a slight delay and next-day service might not be available. Be sure to order your dumpster early to beat any seasonal rush.

If you are doing outdoor work, you may decide to avoid the Phoenix rainy season. In Arizona, the monsoon season runs from June 15 to September 30. Not only can this cause delays in your project timeline, but rain can cause issues when using a rental dumpster.

Excess water in the dumpster container can cause you to exceed the weight limit of the container. This can trigger an overweight charge. To avoid this, you can tarp the dumpster when storms come in.

If rain is a concern for you, you might want to avoid the summer monsoon months. Delaying your outdoor project until the spring or fall months will let you avoid the extreme heat of summer as well.

Neighborhoods of Phoenix and What You Should Know

Downtown Phoenix

The neighborhoods of Garfield, Central Park, Encanto, Coronado, and Roosevelt, are experiencing a renovation and building boom in Downtown Phoenix with over 300 hotel rooms under construction and almost 2,400 housing units finished in 2022.

The best choice for these big jobs are our 30 and 40-yard dumpster containers that can handle large loads of commercial waste from these projects. Our drivers are experts at navigating busy and crowded urban streets, but let us know your specific delivery instructions to get proper placement at your construction job site, especially if access is tight or restricted in some way.

A photo of Downtown Phoenix at night

Northwest Valley

The Northwest Valley region is a great stepping off point for fun activities in Phoenix. You can quickly get to the White Tank Mountains, the Westgate Entertainment District, historic Wickenburg, and more. Like other parts of Phoenix, this area is experiencing an increase in growth.

From El Mirage to Sun City to Surprise to Youngtown, many of the homes in this area are located in retirement communities. Before arranging for a rental dumpster, check with your HOA. There could be restrictions on the location and length of rental period you are allowed in these smaller communities.

An aerial photo of the Northwest Valley area in Phoenix

Southwest Valley

The Southwest Valley, from Avondale to Goodyear to Litchfield Park to Tolleson, has consistently ranked as one of the top locations in the country for industrial prospects looking to relocate or expand operations.

If you are arranging for waste disposal on a long-term commercial construction project, as about our extended rental periods for longer jobs or set up a swap out service to ensure continuous access to your rental dumpster. If you will have extra heavy demo waste to dispose of, talk with us to find out if an inert dumpster rental is right for you.

A photo of the Urgent Care in Southwest Phoenix

Northeast Valley

The Northeast Valley quadrant in the Valley of the Sun is a hub of home renovations and new home construction. It is a highly desirable residential area and welcomes tourists to its resorts and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Whether you need a 10-yard dumpster for a small home office renovation or a larger 20-yard dumpster for a full kitchen renovation, you can typically get driveway delivery to your home. We offer delivery to Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Paradise Valley, and the Pinnacle Peak area. Many of these homes are larger. Ask for driveway delivery of your dumpster to have the most convenient access.

A photo of the Northeast Valley neighborhood in Phoenix

Southeast Valley

The Southeast Valley community started with large agricultural plots in the early 1900s. Today, this area offers small town appeal and affordable housing.

The large open plots of land have attracted several high-tech manufacturing companies, including Motorola, Intel Corp, and Microchip Technology. This part of Phoenix has seen a high population growth rate, with plenty of new homeowners moving in. Whether you live in Buckeye, Tempe, Tolleson, Queen Creek, Mesa, Gilbert, and Chandler, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting your dumpster delivered to your property.

A photo of a residential home in Southeast Valley, Phoenix

Phoenix Residential Historic Districts

When you’re renovating an old building or home in the Phoenix Historic Districts, you likely will end up with lots of trash to dispose of. Getting rid of lead paint contamination, asbestos, and old electrical or plumbing systems can be a hassle.

We’ve helped homeowners and contractors on projects in neighborhoods such as Alvarado to Medlock Place to Roosevelt to Del Norte Place. If you have material that could be hazardous or is better recycled, let us know when you call to order your dumpster. Some materials are banned from our landfills, so inform us if you have waste that is not typical household renovation or construction trash.

A photo of the Rossen House in the Phoenix Residential Historic District

Is a Dumpster Rental in Phoenix Feasible?

At Discount Dumpster, we’re here to make it easy to rent a dumpster. We always place good service at the top of our goals list. Our team is staffed with experienced waste disposal specialists.

Phoenix Dumpster Sizes

When you call, we’ll discuss your needs, answer all your questions, and get you set up with the size you need to get your job done. No job is too small or too big for us to handle. We also provide support during the course of your job, working with you until your cleanup is complete.

Phoenix Dumpster Costs

Are you worried that a dumpster might end up being too expensive? We’re proud to offer the best value on a dumpster rental. Other types of waste disposal have costs that add up when you have a big job to do. You’ll have to schedule and pay for multiple pickups when using a junk hauler, plus endure piled up trash waiting on each pickup.

Phoenix Dumpster Rental Process

You may think that hauling your trash to the dump yourself will save money. But you’ll have to pay for gas, landfill fees, and taxes. Lots of trips are a big hassle and can end up costing you more than you planned for.

A rental dumpster on your site solves all these problems. With fast delivery, round-the-clock access, and a low flat rate with no hidden fees or markups, you’ll get the most in convenience and cost-savings by renting a Discount Dumpster roll off container.

Need a Dumpster Rental in Phoenix?

Ready to clean up? Discount Dumpster can get you going! In just a few easy steps, you’ll handle all your project waste affordably and with minimal hassle.

Check out our easy ordering process:

1.     Call to get a free quote and discuss your specific needs.

2.     Arrange for fast delivery on your schedule, as soon as next day.

3.     Fill up your dumpster as you work, with no mess at your job site.

4.     Call when you’re finished and get reliable pickup.

So, when you’re ready to clear out that brush debris from your yard in Glendale, work on your kitchen renovation in Chandler, renovate a small office in Sunrise Terrace, or start new construction in Paradise Valley, call Discount Dumpster first. We’ll get you a truly competitive price and excellent service to help you save time and money. 

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