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What You Should Know About Renting a Dumpster in San Antonio

What You Should Know About Renting a Dumpster in San Antonio

Renting a Dumpster in San Antonio

Like any growing city, you’ll see new construction, renovations, and cleanup projects throughout the Downtown and River Walk area and into the San Antonio suburbs. San Antonio is expected to grow annually by 2% over the next several years.

Construction of new homes hit a record in 2021, with an almost 30% rise from 2020. Home flipping and renovation is also a hot market in San Antonio. Among large metro areas, San Antonio ranks third in home flipping activity, with a 56% increase over the previous year.

One thing all these projects have in common is the need for affordable and convenient waste disposal. If you are new to renting a dumpster container, you may be wondering if it is easy or if you can afford it.

Dumpsters Are San Antonio's Best Waste Management Solution

There are several ways to handle the waste and debris from a home improvement job, decluttering project, or construction work. If you have a job that involves more trash than your residential trash hauler can handle, then a dumpster rental will prove to be your most affordable option.

Skip the hassle of scheduling multiple extra pickups from your residential trash service or a junk hauler. Don’t waste time trying to haul everything to the landfill yourself. A roll off dumpster is the most convenient and affordable option for large amounts of project waste.

What to Know About Renting a Dumpster in San Antonio

Homeowners, construction pros, landscapers, and contractors trust Discount Dumpster to provide reliable and fast service. When you call, our team springs into action to help get you the most affordable price on an easy-to-use dumpster container. We offer delivery right to your home or job site and handle pickup and transport to the landfill when your project is completed.

An infographic on what you should know when renting a dumpster in San Antonio

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1. San Antonio Dumpster Rental Prices

Rental dumpsters come in a variety of sizes. Discount Dumpster offers a low flat rate for each dumpster size. This price includes the rental fee, all taxes and landfill disposal fees, and delivery and pickup.

Check out our average low prices for the San Antonio, TX, area:

10 cubic yard dumpster: $300 - $350

15 cubic yard dumpster: $350 - $400

20 cubic yard dumpster: $400 - $450

30 cubic yard dumpster: $500 - $600

40 cubic yard dumpster: $600 - $800

The final cost of your dumpster depends on the size of the dumpster, your location, seasonality, type of debris, and our availability.

Our standard 7 to 14-day rental period typically covers most jobs. If you know right from the get-go that you’ll need your dumpster container for a longer period of time, just let us know when you call to order. Depending on availability, we can extend your rental period or arrange for a second dumpster to be delivered after the first rental period.

There are charges for overweight loads. Your dumpster is weighed as it enters the landfill and then again when it leaves the dump. The difference in the two weights is the calculated weight of your trash. If this exceeds the weight limit for that size container, you will have an excess weight fee charged.

Dumpster Rental Prices

2. Best Time of Year to Rent a Dumpster in San Antonio

With over 300 days of sunshine each year, it’s easy to work on your home improvement or construction job year-round. Early summer is a great time to get a dumpster in San Antonio. You’ll beat the summer rush and the summer heat. Demand is just picking up, so you’ll get the best availability and lower prices.

Fall also offers good availability without any extremes of particularly hot or cold weather. If you are working outdoors on a landscaping cleanup or renovation, a dumpster is a great way to manage your waste. Spring and fall are great times of year to clean up your landscaping, install sprinklers, remove bushes, or work on your deck. This is also a great time of year to complete other outdoor projects, such as window and gutter replacement, fence tear-down, roofing, and decluttering your garage.

3. Worst Time of Year to Rent a Dumpster in San Antonio

Summer is typically a busy time of year for construction and remodel projects in San Antonio, TX. This is the most common time of year for home flipping jobs, new construction starts, junk removal, and home decluttering projects. When there is more demand for dumpsters, you may have a delay in starting your dumpster rental or see a slight price increase.

Although San Antonio gets lower than average rainfall compared to other parts of the country, September and October see more rain than other months. Stormy weather can complicate outdoor projects. Excess water from rainfall can add weight to your dumpster load. Avoid the typical monsoon season or even the remnants of a Gulf hurricane in late summer and early fall to keep rain and storms from slowing down your project.

Neighborhoods of San Antonio and What You Should Know

From the Missions and South San Antonio to the La Cantera area to Eastside and Dignowity, there are homeowners, contractors, event coordinators, and construction teams ready to get their jobs done. Check out these considerations for some specific neighborhoods in San Antonio.

Downtown/River Walk

The River Walk and Downtown areas have 15 miles of walkways running alongside the banks of the San Antonio River. This famous historic Alamo is only a few minutes from the River Walk by foot. The area is a network of rather narrow streets and limited parking in many cases.

If your dumpster has to be placed on one of the Downtown streets, you may need a permit, especially if the dumpster container could block vehicle or pedestrian traffic.

Photo of the Henry Gonzales Center in Downtown/River Walk San Antonio

King William/Southtown Arts District

King William is a historic district just south of the Downtown area. Development of this area began in the mid-1800s. Like the River Walk area, it has a compact network of streets.

Many of the homes in the King William area do not have driveways. This often necessitates a street delivery of your dumpster. 

Photo of the Anton Wulff House in King William, San Antonio

Pearl/Broadway Cultural Corridor

The Pearl District and Broadway Cultural Corridor is famous for its museums, the San Antonio Zoo, and gardens and parks. Its compact residential areas often have limited street parking and some homes do not have driveways. Just as with the other central San Antonio neighborhoods, take care not to block access to any public area with your rental dumpster.

Photo of the Pear District in San Antronio

Missions and South

Missions & South has more recent development, but it still has areas of narrow streets. Although most homes have a driveway, often the driveway is short. To place a dumpster on a residential driveway, there must be enough room for the dumpster container and for access for the hauling truck.

Further, some homes have parking for vehicles in the back of the home. If you have side yard access, you can place your rental dumpster in this area on your private property.

Photo of Arbolde de Vida in Missions & South, San Antonio

Westside/Deco District/Monticello

Homeowners in the Westside/Deco/Monticello area of San Antonio typically have little trouble with getting a rental dumpster delivered in front of their home. Most homes have driveways that can easily accommodate a standard sized dumpster.

If you live in this area and have an HOA in your neighborhood, be sure to review any regulations concerning a rental dumpster in front of your home. There may be restrictions on the placement of the dumpster. You also may be restricted in the length of time you can keep a rental dumpster at your property.

Photo of Westside/Deco/Monticello in San Antonio

Is a Dumpster Rental in San Antonio Feasible?

Renting a dumpster in San Antonio is easy and makes handling all your project or decluttering waste simple and straightforward. At Discount Dumpster, our team has years of experience providing dumpster rental services to our customers. 

San Antonio Dumpster Sizes

Not sure what size dumpster you need? We are ready to help you get just what you need! When you call, we’ll ask about the type of debris, how long you expect to work on your project, and how large the job is.

We will suggest the right size dumpster for your specific project. We have a large inventory of dumpsters ready for fast delivery, ranging in size from our compact 10 cubic yard dumpster to our massive 40 cubic yard roll off container.

Scheduling and Delivery in San Antonio

We make scheduling your dumpster delivery as easy as possible. In many cases, we can deliver your dumpster as soon as next day. We aim to provide maximum convenience.

You don’t have to be present to accept delivery of your dumpster container. We can deliver your dumpster container even if no one is home or at your job site. And when it’s time for pickup, you can also schedule this without needing to be present.

Dumpster Permits in San Antonio

Do you need a permit for a dumpster delivery in San Antonio? It depends on where you want your dumpster placed. If the dumpster fully fits onto your private property, then typically a permit is not needed.

The most common location for a dumpster delivery is onto your residential driveway. As long as the dumpster doesn’t block the sidewalk, you will not need a permit.

If the dumpster won’t fit on your driveway or you’d like a different delivery location, you could need a permit. This occurs when the dumpster container is placed on a public right-of-way like a street, sidewalk, alley, or other public areas. If the dumpster will impede vehicle or foot traffic through the area, you should consult with your local permitting office to determine if a permit is required. If a permit is needed, it should be paid for and in place before your scheduled delivery date.

Be sure to check with your homeowners association before you give us a call. Some HOAs limit the length of the rental or have restriction on where the dumpster can be placed. Most require some form of advance notice, so give yourself enough time to secure that permission before delivery of your dumpster.

Need a Dumpster Rental in San Antonio?

When it’s time to clean up in San Antonio, Discount Dumpster is ready! We’ll get you a dumpster rental at a price you can afford.

It’s easy to order your rental dumpster:

1.     Give Discount Dumpster a call to get your order started.

2.     Choose a delivery date that works for you.

3.     With your dumpster onsite, fill it up as you work.

4.     Call for fast and reliable pickup.

Whether you are removing bushes from your yard in Monte Vista, cleaning out your garage in Monticello, remodeling your kitchen at your home in Olmos Park, or working on a historic renovation in Alamo Heights, we have the perfect dumpster to help you manage all your waste removal. Give us a call today to get your free obligation quote and to schedule fast delivery to your home or job site.


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